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Theme Parks in or Around Barcelona

Theme Parks in or Around Barcelona
  I'm going to Barcelona for just over a week in May for work and have a few day off afterwards to explore.
I've read that there is a theme park about an hour and 15 minutes outside of Barcelona that is owned by Universal and I'm just wondering if anyone has been there and if it's any good for adults (ie, more good rides than pansy rides). ;)
Baggers advice is always appreciated!


Its called Port Aventura and was recently taken over by universal, if you got to Universal's website, you'll get details. I have been and it is quite good, although not massive. There's a really huuuuge rollercoaster called the Dragon Khan which is good. Its worth a day trip there, I think it takes about an hour to get there from Barcelona - you can go by train.


I was there years ago before it was taken over by Universal and I loved it. There were loads of rides for the adults and the roller coaster was great. Can only have improved now its been taken over I would imagine.


Great guys, thanks very much for the replies. I've been on the website but nothing beats personal recommendations!


its often cheaper to get tickets before you go, Im sure do them :)

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