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The Thistle, Edinburgh...

The Thistle, Edinburgh...
I have booked a suite at the aforementioned for our wedding cause 1. it was affordable and 2. cause its pretty central.
But I read a reveiw about peeling wall paper and v. old bathroom suits and now am worried.
Has anyone stayed there?
Is it inappropriate to phone them and ask for them to e-mail me a photo of the suit? (I got hold of a brochure but that has only one photo thats shown on their website)


Haven't stayed there but have a look here
Looks quite good. Hope you have a wonderful wedding:)


i havn't stayed at the edinborough one but i have stayed in the thistle hotel in st albans when a family member had her wedding reception there and it was absolutely gorgeous!
if this one is anything the same you will have a beautiful wedding!:)

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