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  I am planning a weekend away in Switzerland in May. It is a toss up between Zurich or Geneva though and i havent got a clue which one to go for. Just wondered if anyone had any experiences or recommendations of either to share.


I've been to Zurich a number of times as my best mate lives out there, however I haven't been to Geneva so can't really comment on which is better! As far as I understand it Zurich has a more Germanic feeling about it and Geneva is more French feeling and apparently dirtier!
I really like Switzerland, its very "chocolate box" and being able to see such beautiful sights round virtually every corner is somewhat mindblowing! The downside is the cost, it is very expensive compared to the UK, particularly in terms of drinking and eating out. The Swiss on the whole are extremely friendly and welcoming, apparently its culturally more difficult to get to know them well but for a weekend that shouldn't be too much of a problem :p
If you decide to go to Zurich then I would also recommend trying to visit Luzern and maybe Raperswil which are easily accesible by Swiss Railways.....which are as puntual and fantastic as they are rumoured to be!
If you do fancy Zurich let me know and I'll try and make some more suggestions....


Thanks very much for getting back to me. We've booked Zurich so any more recommendations would be fantastic thanks.
I've heard that eating and drinking out can be expensive. When i went to Switzerland before I stayed with someone so it wasnt an issue. Oh well will have to have the credit card at the ready!
Thanks again

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