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Taking portable hair straightners away

Taking portable hair straightners away
  Does anyone know if you are allowed to take gas cartridges away if you put them in your suitcase? I want to take my GHDs away with me but i've been on holiday before and the power supply didn't heat them up enough.
I'm sure i've got a vague recollection of going on holiday years ago and taking portable straightners and when i arrived at my destination the gas cartridges had been removed from my suitcase?


Leave them behind. I'm pretty sure you can't take the gas canisters and anyway they're heavy in luggage, plus sun, salt and chlorine is bad enough for your hair without adding the stress of straightening it.


i agree with blossie, i rang up the airline and they said they are a banned item now.
if you mus take them, take a pair of skinny plug in ones, and dont do your hair all over, just maybe 'touch-ups' ifind my hair cant take heat styling, so i usually just wear it tousled or in a pony :)

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