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Suggestions For Graduation Holiday With The Girls?

Suggestions For Graduation Holiday With The Girls?
  Me and four friends are all graduating (hopefully) from uni this year and are thinking how much we deserve a wicked holiday after all our hard work!!!
We are looking for superb beaches and hot, hot, hot weather with the nightlife to set it off. I think we've dun with grotty bars but we it would be nice to have the choice of sophistication and grubby (k, sum things will never change!).
Probably sumwhere in Europe but have u baggers got n e suggestions? Ibiza? yep, but try persuading the others who only know it for the 'brit, lager lout' reputation it has. any websites to otherwise persuade the rest? And generally any suggestions. Ooooh, we could stretch to mexico if its worth it....
Soooooooo confused!!!!!!!!!
cheers fellas!


How about Malta?
We got flights through BA and our accommodation through


What about Majorca? Magaluf is meant to be really good tho never been myself!
You could try a greek Island - Kavos is meant to be good. My b/f went last year and had a ball. Its also really hot too. I went to Zante in July and had a great time. The nightlife is up and coming though. IYSWIM!
Im sure wherever you go you'll have a ball cos you're with all your girly mates and it'll be wicked. Enjoy!
PL x x


Palma is meant to be a great place for a holiday, not as resort-ish as Magaluf but still has plenty of bars, very stylish and will be hot enough. Alternatively how about south of France? Nice and Cannes might be worth exploring.


I'm going on a girly holiday to Crete this year

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