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Spending money for Kavos??

Spending money for Kavos??
  Hi everyone, just a quick question.
Im going for a 2 week holiday in Kavos in June, just wondering how much money you think i'll need? Im only 22 and going with my sister and mate.
I'm currently unemployed and searching for a job. The holiday has been payed for so its just the spending money.
Any ideas would be really helpful, Thanks.


Hi, I went to Kavos about 4 years ago with my boyfriend for a week. I think we only spent 200 ish, but we don't really drink so we didn't go to any of the clubs, and we were self catering so not really eating out. We went on a few trips though! If you are planning on going out a lot then you will obviously need more money than if you are just going for a quiet holiday like we were! :lol: sorry that probably isn't very helpful :o


No thats alot of help, thanks.
I dont drink that much either but i can imagine i will be in the clubs etc with my sister and mate, im hoping i dont need too much money as i wont have much to take.
Anyway i just want to go and relax and sunbathe so no need for too much money there!!

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