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Sri Lanka in August

Sri Lanka in August
  I've just booked a fortnight in Beruwela, Sri Lanka for my wedding this year, leaving on the 7th August. I asked the travel agents before booking if the weather was okay in August and they advised that it is one of the better months to go however, since booking I have heard evidence to the contrary. A friend of ours from India thinks that it is in fact a very wet time of year in Sri Lanka, and according to GMTV who did a travel feature on Sri Lanka, the best time to go is October to March.
I just wondered if any baggers had any first hand experience or could offer any advice. I suspect that if August is infact 'monsoon season' we would have grounds for changing our holiday.
Kirsty :)


This webpage gives info on the two monsoons that hit Sri Lanka. I presume Beruwela comes under "the South" so August would be after the main monsoon for that region. It is though likely to still be very hot.


I think it is monsoon - however I went in September two years ago and it was pretty good weather - we had one day which was a wash-out (bit of a freak I think) but the rest of the days were hot, generally sunnny, sometimes cloudy, mostly dry.
Which hotel are you booked into?


Thanks for the webpage Augusta, I'll have a look. Every website I've visited so far seems to give conflicting information!
Polly77 - we've booked the Eden Resort & Spa in Beruwela. I wouldn't normally be too bothered about the chance of rain but because it's my wedding and it's taking place outdoors I am being a little more cautious. I've also read somewhere that the beach basically disappears and it's not safe to dive or swim in the see during this season.
My fiance has just spoken to the travel agents and they too seem very confused, although they are looking into it and have told us that if it is the case then we can change either the dates or the destination.


We were supposed to be going to the Eden but a week before we got a call from our travel agent saying they had overbooked (although we were later told it was becuase they hadn't finished work on it)! We weren't too bothered however as we were transferred to the Taj instead! I know it had just finished upgrading when we were due to go so that's probably why - it was also revamped after the tsunami so should be really nice.
From my September experience (a little further down the coast at the Taj) the beach definitely did not disappear - it was lovely - although i don't think it was swimmable. Actually I can't remember as I can't swim anyways! But I loved the holiday and apart from the first wash out day it was fine. I think really you either have to take your chances (there's no absolute guarantee it will be nice) or change. Sorry!

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