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Summer holiday ideas?

Summer holiday ideas?
  Hi, I posted on here about the Dom Rep a few weeks ago asking for people's views on it. I am just trying to convince Mr Lucy that he needn't be afraid of the long-haul flight now though!
If by any chance I can't, (and it looks like that may happen) and he pushes me to go somewhere not so far away, can anyone suggest anything from the following criteria:
-Somewhere where we can avoid too many traitional 'Brits abroad'
-Where we can stay in 5 star luxury
-Where there are lovely beaches and reliable hot weather
-Where there is good excursions
Can anybody help?


I would avoid the Caribbean in summer - it's the hot, wet season and the end of summer is coming into hurricane season.
Bali is exquisite in July, so too is Lombok. If you're wary of Bali (which would be a shame as it needs the support of tourists after the bombings) I'd have a look at Lombok. There's a very lovely Oberoi there . You could stop for a night in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok or KL en route, too, which would be nice and there are some wonderful hotels in all those cities.
If you want to think more about Bali either post back or PM me - I can recommend various five-star options.


Ah thanks Blossie- is Bali horrendously expensive? And yes, any suggestions would be very helpful


Bali will be cheap this summer because of the bombs last year. Check your travel insurance, though, because you might find it difficult to get cover. This of course is outrageous - after the 9/11 attacks you could still get cover for the US :rolleyes: and frankly I think Bali is safer than New York, particularly if you stay away from Kuta, which is the main and rather horrible tourist centre.
If money is no object, the best resort hotel on the island IMHO is Amankila, up near Candidasa, which is a good two-hour drive from the airport but worth it. It's on a cliff above the beach (they will drive you down to the beach and back up again!) and is just exquisite. You could perhaps do a two-centre deal with Aman and spend a few days just outside Ubud, the rather touristy but jolly artists' town in the hills at Amandari, one of its two sister hotels.
Also at Ubud is the nice Four Seasons which is five star but should be cheaper. If you want to get some beach, I absolutely love the Oberoi, which will be much cheaper - we got it for something like 70 a night last year through Expedia so have a look there. It's a wee bit tired and in need of a refurb but the bathrooms are GORGEOUS, the grounds are beautiful, the pool is lovely and it's right on the beach (I'm very fussy about hotels - I used to do a lot of travel writing!).
There are lots of little boutique hotels in Bali such as the Begawan Giri which I've always wanted to stay at. I imagine if you talk to a knowledgeable agent such as Elegant Resorts they'd be able to put something together for you.
Alternatively, do it yourself: I put a trip together for us last July which gave us flights via Singapore and I think nine nights at the Oberoi for about 1,400. If you add a night in a hotel each way in one of the Asian cities you'd probably add 300 to that price, maybe a bit more if you treat yourselves. I have recommedations for Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong if you need them :D

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