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Hotel in Ho Chi Minh

Hotel in Ho Chi Minh
  Can anyone please recommend one? We've got four or five nights there next month.
Do you think 4 nights would be enough, bearing in mind we want to visit the Mekong Delta? You can do that in a day trip, right?


I can't remember where I stayed, it was a while ago, but the MeKong Delta is certainly do-able in a day trip. If you get time, you should also visit the Caodai Great Temple at Tay Ninh, it's awesome. Try to go when they have a service, it's one of the most surreal experiences you will ever have. Cover your arms and legs if you go, and you can take photos of the worshippers from the upstairs gallery only. The Cu Chi tunnels are also worth a visit.


Excellent, thanks Mrs B. We've only just started planning what to see and do, so the Caodai Temple will definitely go on the list. I don't think I'd be able to handle the tunnels, I'm annoyed with myself but claustrophobia puts the mockers on it!


And they are very small indeed! I managed to get into one, lucky there was a room at the end that I could turn around in and go back the same way, coz I didn't fit into the next tunnel!


Just reading that makes me feel bad, there's no way I could do it!
Where else did you go in Vietnam? We've only got two weeks sadly, so it's a few days in HCM then off to the coast I reckon. Phan Thiet, maybe.
Also, did you use dong or dollars? The guidebooks seem to be a bit ambiguous about it.

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