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thailand and malaysia in june

thailand and malaysia in june
  in june my boy and i are going to a wedding on koh samui. i have a good friend living in malaysia and we thought that we could create some sort of trip that involves spending time in both countries but i'm not really sure where to start...
my friend is in kuala lumpur but would, i am sure, travel to see us - she suggested langkawi. the only places i've been to in malaysia are kl, georgetown (not bothered about going back) and taman nagara (would happily go somewhere similar).
in thailand i want to spend some time in bangkok and the boy is keen to visit krabi. i think we probably need to expect to stay 3-4 nights on koh samui doing wedding things.
i'm a big foodie so good food places are a must!!! some sort of short cookery course would be cool - probably need to be somewhere the boy can do other things...
we're got c16 days to play with and don't want to spend a fortune - is up to 1,000 each a reasonable budget? a mix of cities and beach/rural would be good and a mix of time exploring/chilling too.
also, i've seen return ba flights to bangkok for 430 each - is this worth booking and using them as the basis for our travelling plans? flights into kl and out of thailand seem much, much more...
any and all advice much appreciated!!!


the wedding is at the amari palm reef hotel - anyone know it? should we stay there or is there somewhere else closeby that's particularly nice? i'd prefer smaller hotels...


The Perhentians are great that time of year... just off the coast of Kota Bharu in Malaysia.
Thailand might be monsoony.


Krabi is gorgeous - would recommend 2/3 days there - you can relax on gorgeous beaches, do small trips (Phi Phi islands for example), climbing, snorkelling etc.
I thought Bangkok was horrible. Smelly and polluted, but great to visit the amazing temples etc. We had 3 days there but I reckon we could have done it all in 1 (or 2 if you like shopping - lots of shopping to be done).
If you've got time, you could get an overnight train up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok - it's absolutely gorgeous and completely different from the beachy places. It's perfect for foodies - lots of cooking courses, and you can do elephant trekking etc. You can book a train journey with 4 nights accommodation and trekking - all included - for around 50. Book in Bangkok...
By the way, we went in June/July - it was monsoon season but absolutely lovely. Downpours for a couple of hours here and there.


If you can head to Kanchanaburi.
I loved it there, spent a really relaxed 4 days there towards the end of my RTW trip in March.
Rained a fair bit but that's par for the course really in that area and the days it didn't it was just perfect.
Lots to do, including visiting Hellfire Pass and hot springs. Gorgeous cheap accommodation. Jolly Frog Backpackers was lovely and had hammocks outside and overlooked the river (you can choose to stay in riverboats too).
It's just three hours and a bit away from Bangkok on a local bus or via train.
Highly recommend it. I also stayed in Phuket and visited Phi Phi Don and Long Beach. Phi Phi in particular in disarray when I was there but still utterly beautiful and Long Beach was amazing, not damaged at all by the Tsunami and gorgeous beachside cottages.
Aaaaw, I'm so envious. Have a wonderful time.

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