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Tenerife for xmas and / or new year

Tenerife for xmas and / or new year
  I've never been to Tenerife but I'm going away (hopefully) with three mates for a week or so. One has suggested Tenerife. I've never been - has anyone every been in December? I'm mostly concerned about the weather!!! I want somewhere with sunshine!!!
suze xxx


There is no guarantee of sunshine in December as November - March are times when you can get cloudy days. But with just a teeny weeny bit of luck you should have a few hot days. We've been to Tenerife but didn't like it, what part are you going?


Is it warm cloud tho'?
Sorry dottycat for butting in.


I just got back from tenerife on sat, spent the week there in los cristianos. weather was actually fantastic, in the mid twenties all week and spent a lot of time sunbathing. got cloudy occasionally, but still nice. i am very brown :yay:
cold at night though. i liked it - was a little suprised to be honest. i had been to gran canaria before and had been a little scared off by the 'britishness'. however, i found there were a different group of people there when i went - a lot of younger couples with kids, and older people, mostly from scandanvia and germany etc.
for a cheap december holiday with sunshine, i really enjoyed it. its not the kind of place i would nec. go again, unless i needed another cheep week of relaxation. and i wouldn't go in summer time, i think it would do my head in! i liked the quietness! but i needed a winter break, and the sunshine was well needed


cold at night though. i liked it
Erm......when you say cold ?

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