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SURBITON girls...i need your help :)

SURBITON girls...i need your help :)
  Hi everyone
remember all of you who lived in Surbiton when i asked for advice?
Well my boyfriend is going to look at a property tomorrow which is in Malvern Court in Surbiton. The only problem is i cant find it on the map!?
It doesn't come up with a Malvern Court at all. Do any of you know where it is or give us directions from the station?
Thanks ever so much. x


Ah actually. i think i just found its off Hook Road. I think it was referring to the little cul-de-sac type thing.
Does anyone know what this area is like? is it safe?


I think I go past it on the is very close to the station - definately walking distance, and seems safe enough. Surbiton on the whole is as safe as you can get these days!


Well he went to view a few places today and most of them were pretty awful !
He then found a really nice studio flat thats on Berrylands Road. is this ok?
Its 595 a month, and he says its cosy lol. But its only for 6 months til i can move there too. It looks really nicely furnished etc..
One thing we are trying to figure out though is what tax band it is in? Anyone know how we would find out?

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