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storing luggage at heathrow?

storing luggage at heathrow?
  does anyone know if you can store luggage at heathrow? i'm going to helsinki in december, coming back and flying to dubai but not stopping off at home in between and it would obviously be a bit silly to take bikinis etc to helsinki not to mention great big winter coats and things to dubai so i thought the most sensible thing would be to pack two bags, leave one in storage and then switch and pick the other one up when i come back properly. now i've been looking at the baa website which doesn't say anything about it. i know some airports do let you do this (helsinki for one) but i don't know about heathrow. any idea?


Yes. There are left luggage areas in all 4 terminals. See here for information. It's 4 per item per 24 hours according to the website.



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