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Spending money in Thailand

Spending money in Thailand
  I'm going to Thailand for just over 2 weeks with my bf. We are staying 3 nights in Bangkok and 11 in Phuket. But we have no idea how much spending money we should take... What does everyone think?


Was this just a boast that you're going to Thailand or can you genuinely not check websites to see how much meals etc cost? Plus without you telling us what you actually want to do how the hell are we supposed to guess if you're a person who wants to eat bananas from the local shop on the beach or whether you want to club the night away in western bars and wear made to measure clothes?:rolleyes:


Ooh, thats a bit harsh!!
D1vegirl, Thailands really cheap so you won't need much to spend no matter where you plan on eating. I think we took about 500 for both of us for two weeks and we came back with change, then again we don't really drink very much (alcohol that is!), I imagine if you're a bit of a party animal you may be able to spend quite a bit more.
Hope this helps. Thailand is lovely, have a great time.


As above, it really depends on what you want to do and the kind of holiday you are accustomed to. I spent 130 pounds in 3 weeks travelling around the Thai countryside, a colleague spent 500 pounds in two weeks at a resort.....
Only you know how much drinking, shopping etc you want to do.

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