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Hotel for the Cheltenham Festival

Hotel for the Cheltenham Festival
  Help! I have to book 6 rooms for my boss for the Cheltenham Races next March and as you can imagine everything is fully booked. :mad:
Any suggestions for hotels near by would really be appreciated. Thanks :)


actually u have come to the right place!!!
would your boss object to staying in a b&b - i live in cheltenham...


Hi catzybaby
Depends on the B&B... my boss is a bit of a snob when it comes to hotels. :rolleyes:


everything will be booked up mostly since last year, u could try calling all the hotels in cheltenham and asking to be put on a cancelations list, its a very long shot but if all else fails i know a few of my parents neighbours are thinking of doing B&B that week - thats what most people in chelt if they have room to spare do.....
good luck!

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