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Taxi's late at night in London

Taxi's late at night in London
I'm hoping to book a girly night out in London in a couple of weekends time and have looked at a few hotels. I've trawled through loads of threads on here but I can't find my answer!
We're planning on going to a bar/club in Covent Garden or Soho area, if we can't get a hotel near enough does anyone know if it's easy to find a black cab at about 2am?


Its pretty easy although you may have to wait a while! Alternatively, you could ask the doorman of where you are to put your name on a list for a registered firm if you use one.
DO make sure its registered and DON'T use a tout. I've made this mistake many, many times when am drunk and desperate to get home and have been ripped off a couple of times. I've always made it home safely amazingly, but I wouldn't risk it any more as it seems to be getting worse.
Where are you planning on going? I was out the other night and used Diamond Exec Car Service
020 7405 9191 - they take advance bookings and work out cheaper than a black cab.


Thanks Supercat :)
Not sure where we're going yet, there's a bar I fancy in Soho but depends where we get a hotel. I've narrowed it down to the Seven Dials in Monmouth St or Regent's Palace by Piccadilly, both of which are 2* with ok reviews, or the Grange City 5* hotel which is right by Fenchurch station, my station home, for about the same price.
Executive car service sounds posh! I'll make a note of that number thanks! We might be doing a bit of a bar crawl though, so who knows where we'll end up at what time!
I've only been Soho a couple of times before and found it quite seedy, is it safe enough for a bunch of girls late at night?


Soho is as safe as anywhere! I've been on many a night out there - its good to go to Bar Italia at the end of the night for a coffee before the trek home!


Thanks, I figured it's so busy we should be alright.
Thanks for your help, any other tips on where to go will be appreciated :)

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