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Hong Kong

Hong Kong
  I'm off to Hong Kong in 6 weeks. Bit of a spur of the moment decsion. I'm going with my parents. I really can't afford it but they really want me to come and haven't been outside Australia since 1974. So, alas, I shall have to work full time for the next 6 weeks. It'll kill me I am sure!
On the last night, we are going out to dinner and then onto a JUnk, and mum and dad booked a sightseeing tour of Hong Kong as well, I'll probably go on that.
So, looking for free things to do plus some HIGHLY recommended must sees even if they cost. Any recommendations?
Oh also, does anyone know if Marks & Sparks in Hing Kong is like the UK one. I'm craving a bucket of those choclate cornflake thingies. :lol:


ooh, so much to do in Hong Kong! Have a wander around Hollywood Road and the antiques shops up there, for starters. Go up the Peak (if it's clear). Go to Repulse Bay for the beach, shopping in Stanley, dinner an' barring in Lan Kwai Fong ... if you fancy a blowout, have dinner at Felix, the restaurant on top of the Peninsula. Expensive but worth it - fab beautiful restaurant with ace food and views and the most beautiful loos on the planet. Peek in the gents, too. Go to Lamma and Lantau, event to Macau if you have time.


We spent about 4 hours in Hong Kong once on the way to NZ. There are escalators to about half way up the Victoria peak. We took these up (free) and then got a taxi the rest of the way -cost about 3 quid. It was so cool to people watch whilst standing on an escalator.
After taking in the views we went back down by cable car and then went to the shore and got a ferry for just a few pence.
We rounded off the day with a visit to a very bizarre restaurant-but wouldn't recommend it (can't even remember the name).


Well bit of a suprise today. My mum and dad have booked and paid for my air travel and accomodation plus two 1/2 day tours.
So now poor old Gnomey has to work double shifts on my days on and single shifts on my days off to pay them back. Probably 2 to 3 extra shifts a week shoukld cover it. They said I could pay them back even when we get back if I couldn't get all the cash now but I would rather have paid for it all before hand.
Interesting the things that make me work extra!
Very very excited!!
Peinted off some great stuff off the net as well. My dad was in the british army and based in Hong Kong so it will be really nice for him to see some of the old sites. Found some markets at night as well, printed off info about Victoria peak and Stanley Markets.
Mum says she has to get more shopping $$ now I am coming. I seem to have a reputation for spending big when I am overseas :o
Okey, extremely excited...roll on October 12th. Have already booked cat into the vets who will look after her whilst I am awy...porr buggers, they don't know what they are in for. :p

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