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Taba Heights - any recommendations?

Taba Heights - any recommendations?
  Am thinking of going for a week in early November, just for some sun, maybe some snorkelling and a bit of sailing / windsurfing. Anybody been - is it nice?
Any recommendations for hotels etc?
Can you do a trip to Cairo to see the pyramids from there?


Not been, but it's basically a 'new' resort specifically built by the Egyptians to attract foreign tourists looking for the sun and diving of the Red Sea. It's located about 9km south of Taba, the town on the Israeli border (by Eilat) that had the bomb last October, and Aqaba the Jordanian port opposite, all at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba. I think all the hotels there are fairly top-range with good deals on packages, but you might like to look on or the holiday truths (see link in DIY sticky) forums for some opinions from people that've been there.
My guess is that it'd be a damned long trip to get to Cairo to see the pyramids (I know that it's a 7 hour drive from Sharm el-Sheikh), unless you pay for an air excursion (not sure if they exist, mind!).
However, you may like to consider taking an excursion of a couple of days into Jordan (would have to be via Israel unless you first head way south to Nuweiba to get the ferry direct to Aqaba) and either visiting Petra or Wadi Rum. You could also do a desert trip for canyons, oases and Mount Sinai/St Catherine's Monastery.


If you contact Egypt air when you get there they charge 90 for a return flight to Cairo. Don't book from here as it goes up to 150.
You could prob organise a tour in Cairo from here, Thomas Cook are big out there


I am going to Taba Heights in two weeks, i got a deal on lastminute to 5* Marriott resort.
They are also offering a week at the Renaissance (though it may be Sharm rather than Taba, can't remember) with two night trip to Cairo included.
I spent 5 days in Cairo in June and I would recommend a seperate holiday to do it properly. The danger of doing it as an organised trip is that you get herded like cattle on and off coached with very little time to see/do anything. Plus a lot of the tour companies have agreements with local traders and you get taken to their overpriced 'shops' to buy things!


i went to the hyatt regency in taba (5*, HB through and peltours) about two years ago and had possibly the msot relaxing week of my life! this place is great if all you want to do is laze around and do some diving/snorkelling, if you're up for some culture this isn't the place for you - there are trips to the pyramids, but quite expensive and also very very long day trips! however if you're stressed at work & in need of some sun (as i was!) then i thoroughly recommend this place - the snorkelling/diving is amazing you can see such beautiful fish and i saw a turtle just snorkelling off a boat! am v jealous you're thinking of heading off there!

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