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Ten Days In Italy

Ten Days In Italy
  This is my schedule -
11th September – Rome. The flight arrives sometime after 20:00 so we are basically just arriving that day.
Rome till 15th then we take the train to Florence, not sure on what time yet so 15th is traveling but its about an hour 40 to travel to Florence from Rome.
16th – Day in Florence (suggestions anyone?)
17th – travel to Pisa via train - no tickets bought for this from what I can see online they have to be bought locally?
18th – train to Milan – that’s about a 3 hour trip so depending on when we travel we could look at Milan that day
19th - train to lake Como and spend the day there - I don't have tickets organised, can they be bought online?
20th – day in Milan
21st – flights home from Milan
I have a Trenitalia Pass which should take us between the cities, and I have hotels booked for each city. Any suggestions and so on about things to do etc would be greatly appreciated


I have a Florence guide you could borrow if you like? PM me your address if you want to. There's lots to see but I preferred Venice tbh.
Buying train tickets in Italy is simple. They have machines that you can use cards with, or pay cash, and you can get the instructions in English. Prices vary depending on the type of train you catch - quicker trains cost more.
Remember to stamp/punch your ticket in one of the yellow machines as you enter the platform.


I went to Milan last year - from what I remember there's a special tour on Sundays for Lake Como (we missed it :( )- probably best to contact the Milan tourist office just to confirm this.
If you are hoping to see the Last Supper in Milan then book now - the tourist guides say that you can get tickets when you arrive but I wouldn't rely on this as we were turned away and it is extremely popular.
At the train station there is a tiny tourist information office in the shopping arcade (a bit of a maze) but you'll get a free map of the city here (they have different coloured maps showing different types of attractions).
The underground in Milan is excellent and everything is very easy to get to. La Rinascente is a massive store next to the impressive gothic cathedral - Duomo. The store is open until very late (something like 9 or 10pm every night). Designer shopping is also excellent in the centre of Milan - beware though as the SAs like to follow you around everywhere).
Stay away from eating at tourist traps next to the popular attractions - it will cost you an arm and a leg and the food and service will be cr*p - especially the outdoor restaurant next to the Duomo. Better to go a little bit out from the centre where the food will be better and cheaper.
If you like Harrods' or Selfridges' foodhall you will love Peck (a posh food shop) - it's within easy walking distance from Duomo. You can get your olive oil, ham, balsamic vinegar etc. from here.
Oh and beware of the train station at night as there are a lot of drunks and pickpockets about.


I have tickets to the Last Supper :) I didn't realise it was so busy though!
I'm not sure about Lake Como or not...I posted my schedule on another forum and they criticised me for traveling so quickly around the country :rolleyes:
I really wanted to go and see a performance at La Scala in Milan, but they are sold out already :mad:
rb123 - thanks for the tips with tickets, I was just looking at buying tickets for Pisa online just now but might leave it until we are actually there to buy them :)
We will only be in Florence for three days so I'm not sure if I need the book, but thanks for the offer! :)


No worries, it's one of those 'Weekend in...' books so just let me know if you would like it.

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