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- 2nd half of cycle - to treat or not to treat?!

Hi Everyone,
I am a little confused about this subject. Lesley & Jan - I am probably driving you nuts with this subject, but I would like to get other views too.
I am a reflexologist and trying to conceive. I was meant to have a treatment today but am on the 2nd half of my cycle. My tutor says stay clear and do not treat at all, some say just miss out the pituitary and repro areas. She also said you cannot touch the endocrine system either.
I would appreciate your views and thoughts on this subject.
Sara x


Hi Sara
Me again. First of scroll down on Body Therapies and look at my post 'Reflexology and Trying to Conceive' . There are some good views on this.
I was thinking again about this and I thought that the endocrines generally are OK after ovulation. The only reason we avoid the pituitary is because this produces oxytocin which causes the womb to contract and for obvious reasons, the repro areas should be avoided if there is any chance the client may be pregnant.
I think if you are in any doubt, you should cancel your appointment this afternoon as you won't enjoy it anyway and therefore won't really get the benefit.
Hopefully, we'll get some more views on here today as I am also treating someone tonight who is in the second week of her cycle, but I need to know when I should book her in for her next treatment.
Take care.


well if using reflexology to concieve...when on a course integrating meridians & reflex - the tutor said she uses reflexology throughout the cycle especially when ovulating - as an intense way to strengthen body ready to conceive when ovulating - this was done until the clients conceive then normal treatments would continue ie weekly...
What i cant get my head around is as reflexologists we cant have it both ways ..either we do good & balance or we dont
My belief that any reflexology at any time can onlybe of benefit to the body we strengthen, balance , improve , rejuvinate, cleanse etc etc
If using homeosasis as our main example/objective how then can we trigger anything to avoid, that the body wouldnt eventually trigger itself concept is simply we strengthen perhaps an area that would without reflexology be imbalanced or weakened.
After much research, questioning schools practices & thoughts - throughout the world - this was also the general conclusion & many fears were simply found untrue
ie perspectives & personal fears often encroach the reality of treatments
My original query to all schools i must admit - was cancer based . .ie who did & who didnt & why !


Hi Lesley
Thanks for that. My friend came round but I didn't have a treatment in the end. She just gave me a wonderful massage and that was just as good. You're right, if I had had a treatment, I would have been worrying and wouldn't have enjoyed it. I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry!!
Thanks for your help. Enjoy the rest of your day. We shall have to get together soon to swap treatments. I could do with a massage!!
Sara x


hi sara,
my maternity reflexology teacher said that the only real reasons to not do reflexology is if the client doesnt want to or you, as a therapist doesnt want to.
i agree with pre... a viable pregnancy is a pretty difficult thing to stop and so, reflexology could never do harm or damage.
obviously caution and care should be taken in the form of prehaps a gentler treatment but if the therapist is experienced, you should be fine.
but, as you felt it not appropriate, that is fine also and the right decision for you :o)... a foot massage can never be a bad thing... had a treatment and massage myself today and it was lovely!!


Thanks for your reply Rosie. That's very interesting to note what your maternity reflexology tutor says.
At the end of the day there are so many conflicting views, but I think I should do what feels right for me.
Thanks again.
If you're like me tonight, I am feeling very relaxed and sleepy after my foot massage today!....


Hi Sara . .
Ooh my views/thoughts etc were from totally a 'working perspective' .. yes of course.. most importantly is how you feel, your thoughts, your beliefs...and how you are feeling !
Most definately you have made the right decision for you - to feel at all anxious about receiving treatments during different stages of the cycle - cant be beneficial - you have to go with your inner instinct.
As your feelings will have an effect -both physically & emotionally.
To feel 100% confident , relaxed & totally secure in all you do & receive can only - will only benefit you - asssit both physically & physiologically.
Reflexology will benefit you, whenever you feel happy to have it
(- but you do have to feel & believe that -)
Most Importantly -
Whatever you need, feel is right for you
... you do it ... you go for it... :)
we can only express opinions - you know how you FEEL ! :-)
. . . and before long, hopefully soon
you will be sharing the most wonderful news
with us all . .
Many many blessings & wishful thoughts.


Hi all, just wanted to bring this one up to the forefront again as I have a new client this week who is going to come for regular treatments as she has been trying to conceive for over six years. Don't know the full story yet, but seems she does ovulate but not always.
Any help, pointers and advice will be gratefully accepted from the experts.


remember that reflexology is a balancing therapy and so, regular treatments should help in that error if perhaps the hormones are up the creek.
it is also a very relaxing therapy, which should also help.
but importantly, use your listening skills... perhaps your client has a fear of getting pregnant?
i wouldnt say there are particular areas treat. a whole treatment with lots of relaxing stuff and a good ear... good luck!
oh but as an afterthought (had to edit!) if she & partner have had tests and either is infertile, obviously you cant help but you can still listen and give relaxing treatments. (sub fertility is a far better term than infertile).

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