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Ear Candling - what are the benefits?

I've booked myself an ear candling appointment for next week and I've never had it done before. I'm hoping it will helpwithmy glue ear (which is driving me crazy!)However, I'm a bit worried about some of the negative things I'veread online relating to it.
This article from the US has kind of made me question it, but I think the lady it refers to treated herself which I presume is a no-no.
I'm hoping that, if I find it beneficial, I'll go on to do a course in it next year. However, I would just like to hear some thoughts from those who practice it as a therapy or have had the treatment themselves.
Thank you


There have been a few scare stories about ear candling, mostly because the person self treated, went to an unqualified person, or used inferior candles.
I can't speak for the candles used in other countries, but most therapists here use either Biosun or Otosan candles which are made to meet European Standards for Medical Products.
Ear candling can benefit those suffering from problems with the ear, nose, throat and sinuses, so should be helpful to you. However, you will probably need a few treatments, for long term benefits.

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