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13 Animals form

Is anyone familiar with this form, which animals are which movements? I can guess on a few of these but I am looking forward to seeing it.


Shu Sun Dan Shi is the oldest form of Tai Chi Chuan. It is based on the characteristics of 13 animals. Therefore, it is also known as 13 Animals Form. When one practices each animal exercise, it is a combination of internal and external exercises. Today, one can observe that many of the 13 exercises have been incorporated in to the Tai Chi Chuan's Solo Form. The information and how to practice these 13 exercises is available only to handful practitioners.
[*]Dragon: Playing[*]Tiger: Pouncing[*]Snake: Coiling[*]Horse: Parting[*]Phoenix: Looking[*]Monkey: Stretching[*]Bear: Walking[*]Toad: Gazing[*]Chicken: Fighting[*]Magpie: Jumping[*]Crane: Dancing[*]Lion: Turning[*]Lynx: Catching [/ol]


This reminds me of 8 animal Ba Gua Chi Kung - the animals are:
This helps with agility, power and energy....and while they are not easy to execute, they certainly open the body and reveal weaker areas that need developing.!


Paul Breecher's website identifies the original postures interestingly enough for Yang TC as -TC beginning, white crane spreads wings, roll back, snake spits venom, parting wild horse mane, waving hands like clouds, brush knee & push, monkey strike, deflect parry and punch, ward off, lady works the shuttle, draw bow to shoot tiger, grasp the birds tail and TC ending.
does anyone have anything different?


Hi soyoukan,
I think there are pretty strong rules about lifting & posting other peoples stuff on HP withoutcrediting the original writer bruv!
....especially when the peice has this straight after it: -"Copyright 1969-2006 V. Chu. All rights reserved" :eek:

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