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Can crystals 'Clash'

I wear a Amethyst/ Rose Quarz pendant, and an aventurine bracelet. Am I overpowering myself with too many crystals?
What I mean (sorry that im not explaining very well!) is that will each crystal be giving energy which will clash or cancel each other out? Should I only really wear or carry one crysla at a time?
I hope you can understand what I mean!!!


Hi Lilac!
I hope that it's okay to wear more than one at a time, because i often wear a few, up to six different types, and carry a few others in my pocket, and/or one in my hand, if I'm off for a walk in the sun
I'll be interested to hear what more experienced members have to say about this too
best wishes,


Hello Lilac
It is ok to mix 'n' match crystals...but sometimes the energies can be too much, IMHO it's best to stick to just one or two and change them as often as needed, but on the other hand if your personal energy needs other crystals maybe it's ok for that time being, it could also mean that you are out of balance and may need to visit a Crystal Healer to re-balance you...just a thought!
Many blessings

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