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A Chinese Tale

This is what I found, enjoy
During my recent research in to old style Chinese Martial Arts, I found this.
There is a story about an Old Master wholived in 1955 BC.
His name was Hu Flang Dong, and he created a small family style of Tai Chi named Hung Lo Hai. This was based on deflecting (Lo) and advancing (Hai).
Hu lived in the small village of Long Fing in the province of Gung Ho near to the Chinese Vietnamese Border. During his training sessions, he practised using sounds to shatter the big Chinese Watermelon that he always carried around with him. At first he tried it with sounds of ‘aaahhh ss sol’ to no prevail, until one day, he focused all his Chi onto the Melon and shouted ‘sheees yung’ and the Watermelon shattered into many pieces.
Now, the Tu Long Mountains were infamous for its bandits and cut throats, and travellers passing through the area mostly ended up in a very sorry state by the time they reached the Temple of the Serpent at His long Tong, where Hu had developed and trained in his form of Martial Art for many long years, and in the end, had the reputation of his ability to kill a Chinese fly from a distance of 50 yards with the Chi that came from his finger tips! Many a weary traveller could rest in peace in the presence of Hu after climbing that path to the top of that long mountain.


hah were did u find this? Chi killing a fly from 50 yards. either this has symbolic meaning or the person who wrote it is not in touch with reality.

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