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a crystal to control perfectionism?

Hi guys! I'm new here, be gentle! :eek:
Just starting learning about crystals recently, the last two weeks really, since a visit to the Rock Shop in Ambleside, in the Lake District..... am very interested in their powers as foci for meditation and changing one's life in good ways :)
I have ME and I find that my perfectionism keeps biting me on the ass..... can anyone suggest a crystal which is good for squishing perfectionism? or at least keeping it in check? I know that a bit of perfectionism is good, but too much is pretty damaging for me! I'm trying to adopt the attitude that "good enough is better than perfect" lol :D
look forward to any advice from you experienced peeps out there,
peace and joy to you all,
wibble xx [8D]


Hi Wibble:)
I hope you're enjoying hp! i've recently started a course in crystal healing and hope i can be of some help. Carnelian is a good stone for preventing obsessive behaviour which perfectionism may be. Smoky quartz can help us to break out of old habits and to accept a new way of thinking. Hope this may help you
Hannah x


hi whitedragon! thank you for your reply, great signature btw [sm=cool-smiley-021.gif]
carnelian, good stuff! i have a gorgeous piece the size of my fist which i got in brighton last week, i adore it and this is another good reason for using it[sm=1syellow1.gif]thank you very much!
smoky quartz hasn't yet appealed to me, but i am using peridot which i gather can also help break out of old ways of being and thinking? i like it, and it's green which is my favourite colour
thank you again for your reply, and best of luck with your course [sm=food-smiley-004.gif]
wibble [sm=nuts.gif]


Hi Wibble:)
Thank you, i'm really enjoying it at the moment:). It's always best to go with the stones that you are drawn to rather than the ones you think you should have. I don't have peridot but it sounds like it will help you. My favourite at the moment is a piece of gorgeous rutilated quartz which my boyfriend bought me which is good for the nervous system. it might help you too if the perfectionism is partly brought on by nerves (e.g worried about not achieving etc).
Hannah x


Hi Hannah
Can I ask you which course you are doing at the moment. As I am looking around for a crystal healing course. A friend of mine is just about to start a crystal divination course and I am tempted to go for it, but it involves a long journey once a month.
Luv Binah

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