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What is a Reiki Share?

Hi All,
Picking up from a previous link can anyone tell what a reiki share is? What do you do? What does it entail? Just being curious.


Hi Babe,
A Reiki share is when Reiki Attuned people meet and give each other Reiki treatments.
They can also talk about Reiki and discuss any little problems or questions they may have about Reiki and its practise.
There might be tea/coffee and biscuits if they are lucky.
Some Share groups make a small charge, others ask for donations and others are free.
There are no real hard-and-fast rules of what is charged and what goes on at a share - other than the interchange of Reiki.
Hope this helps.


:D no probs.
A reiki share is when a group of reiki people get together and take it in turns to carry out a reiki treatment on each other. Rather than have a single person treating a single person it's possible to have many treating a single person. Depending on how many people are treating the amount of time for a treatment can be reduced a lot. We tend to have about 4 or 5 of us and have a treatment of about 12-15 mins each.
Although most reiki people will do self-treatments at home, it's always nice to be treated by one or more others. :)
Also in ours, we will spend a little time sending some reiki energy out to individuals of our choosing and to the world as a whole.
The only other thing we do it talk a lot about reiki/other therapy courses etc.
Hope that helps
Love and Reiki Hugs


Hi Babe,
I host a share for my Reiki students once a month as part of their ongoing support and learning (and my own!;)). Its as much a social get togther as anything else, but I do tend to have a format for the evening.
We usually start with a cuppa and then do some Chi Gong, followed by practise of various Reiki exercises such as Hatsurei Ho etc. I might show people a new technique or go over stuff we have done previously. There is usually a chance to either work with Reiki in pairs or as a group. We then finish with a meditation, possibly send some distant healing and round the evening off with a cuppa, snack and chat about whatever.
My shares are free to my own students but are open at a very small charge to people who dont have access to a share.
Hope that helps.


Hi Pete,
What are Hatsurei Ho?Chi Gong? I have never heard of these. Can they easily be learnt or do these need passing onto you by a Master?
The reason I ask is that a grp of us who have done level 1 and some level 2 are thinking about getting a small group together but none of us has any idea how to structure it or to get more knowledge etc... as we are all very much at the asme level. Or does this not matter? Is it best to just see what happens.
Many Thanks


Hi Babe,
Chi Gong is not part of Reiki. Hatsurei Ho is one of the Japanese Reiki Techniques taught to strengthen the Energy connection.
Just start your group and do what seems 'right' to you. The group will develop as members suggest different things like meditation, healing circles, etc, etc. Just enjoy the experience of being with like-minded people and being able to give, receive and talk Reiki.
The very best wishes to your new group.


Chi Gong (also known as qiqong or chi kung) relates more to Tai Chi (the martial art and health exercise that is practiced by the chinese each morning in the parks in china).
It consists of a number of different movements (there are several forms that can be practiced) which stimulate the build up of Chi energy in the body. Tai Chi is also used for building up the Chi in the body, but also provides good exercise for the body especially the knee joints and balance.
Chi energy can be used for healing but it needs to be built up through exercises as above, whereas Reiki can be used straight away by anyone who has been attuned.
Hatsurei Ho, I guess is similar to Chi Gong in that it involves some movements to strengthen the reiki energy. From what I can gather it also incorporates a form of meditation. It's one of the things I shall be learning soon, I already do Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Reiki. :)
Hope this helps.
Love and Reiki Hugs


Hi Babe,
Our Reiki share group came together 3 years ago when we all met up at various Exhibitions working for the same Reiki Master. We felt that we wanted to keep in touch and were all at various levels of Reiki at the time. For the first year we met at one person's house once a fortnight. We started with tea/biccies then went on to share our experiences of Reiki with clients and ourselves. We would then do a meditation and then send distance healing to anyone we knew wanted it. The evening would finish with healing each other.
After that person left the group another member kindly offered the use of their home on the first and third Thursday of the month which is what we have been doing for past 2 years.
Because we were all willing to learn more about Reiki and other energies we then started to attend talks etc in London and locally. We even went to Cornwall a few years ago to look at a Centre with the view of buying it and starting our own healing centre but it was not to be at that time. Since then we have been to Avebury (last November for the Harmonic Concordance) and are planning to go to York to the Psychic Museum as a group booking.
We held a Reiki Awarenss day earlier this year as some of our members belong to the Reiki Federation and now most of us are Reiki Masters ourselves. Of course, with any group you tend to get people leaving from time to time, mainly due to having more commitments. As some of us are now teaching we have invited the new students to join our group. This has a two-fold effect. First it injects some new 'blood' into our group and secondly the new students get to share the energy and experiences of the RM's.
As a group we are about to take part in an experiment which we hope will be of immense use in war-torn areas ( I will say more about this at a later date I hope). Oh, and of course there is the social side to all this!!
But, best of all it is the knowing that there are people who you can talk to on quite a deep level about working with energy etc who are not going to look at you as if you are mad! The sense of freedom at a Reiki share night is wonderful.
Good luck with your group. Do whatever feels right for YOU. There are no hard and fast rules. SHARE is the main word in this!!!
Love and light

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