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"fake" Crystals?

Recently I've felt the need to buy crystals, however I don't know anything about them. At a local bookstore there is this carved crystal that I've seen a couple of times and wanted to buy but an online conversation I once had with someone is holding me back. Someone once told me that they bought what they thought was a crystal but a friend later told them it was just glass.
I have been trying to do some research online, and came across this site. I read through some of the posts but can't find anything that addresses this. Is this silly? How do I know if it is glass or a crystal?
Someone once told me you will know when you hold it, but I am not confident that I will, as I have been drawn to it just by looking at it, and want so much for it to be "real". I am however confident that it will still be there when I go back to buy it, lol.
I hope this isn't a silly question, but any advice will be greatly appreciated :)


Hi VisionQuest
Welcome to HP and the Crystal forum.
I'm not too sure how to answer your question other than if the 'crystal' you would like to buy is for sale from a reputable store then hopefully they are not gong to sell you something as crystal if it clearly is not...'cats eye' is one such example...I have known one or two people that have brought this from crystal shops not realizing that indeed it is not really a crystal at all.
The person who told you 'you will know' when you are holding most likely right...crystals have an amazing energy...that you will not find in a piece of glass. Why not ask at the bookstore about the crystal you have seen then pop back onto HP giving us the same information and we may be able to help you further...not easy I know, but maybe worth a try...
and no, it's not a silly question...infact it's a very valid one...but not an easy one to answer from my point of view...but who knows, others may have some better suggestions
stormdeva x


A couple of years ago some clear blue crystals came on to the market, which were being sold as blue obsidian, although it later transpired that these were in fact made from coloured glass from a factory in Indonesia. The first crystal skull I bought was made from this material, which is I have to say incredibly beautiful. Alhtough they are articifcial, they do still carry energy though and can be used for healing.
There are several articles I have come across on the net which may be of interest.
Another article can be found on This website was ufnortunately down when I tried to access it just now, but you may have better luck if you try again.


It leads us to discuss ‘what is a crystal’? Talisman rightly pointed out the Blue Obsidian issue – it is just glass, someone some years ago had the bright commercial notion that if Obsidian is natural (volcanic) glass – then why not just make coloured glass and sell it! Sadly, not everyone was wise to the truth there and no doubt many have parted money for a ‘crystal’ that is no different to a wine bottle in essence. There was a story that Blue Obsidian was discovered on Vesuvius – but it was just a tall tale to add credibility to a dodgy ‘mineral’. I had someone come in to my shop yesterday and ask for Blue Obsidian… they’d seen some African healer and he’d said they needed to get it… I gave my opinion. Either the ‘African healer’ didn’t have a clue or he himself had been duped by another – or perhaps he had a mineral that he thought was Blue Obsidian – and perhaps it was Blue Apatite or Aventurine…

The brightly coloured ‘Cats Eye’ is another modern artificial stone (however, there are two genuine varieties of natural Cats Eye – a form of Quartz and the other a form of Chrysoberyl). Added to these are the Blue, Green and Orange ‘Goldstone’ fakes – just glass and copper particles – they are pretty, but that’s it. Turquenite – the stone that cheaply masquerades Turquoise – made from Howlite crushed to powder, with blue dye and resin added then compacted and polished… Fused Quartz – made from silica sand that is melted and drawn in a furnace – now appears in all sorts of shapes and sizes; frequently made into spheres and skull shapes – easily recognised because it is virtually 100% transparent with no visible inclusions like natural Quartz…
Then there’s the good old fashioned Lead Crystal – cut into chandeliers and ‘hanging crystals’, wine glasses and decanters etc… it’s not really a crystal at all – just glass with a % of Lead Oxide added to give it more sparkle…
However, VisionQuest asked how to tell if a crystal is real or not – only time will teach you how to recognise the true from the fake, but ask questions – ask this shop’s staff about the carved crystal (suspect already…) and as Stormdeva says – ask for information – post it here and we’ll more than likely be able to tell you the facts behind it. Don’t part with your money until you know what you’re buying!


Ok I've been searching online for a picture that is similar to what I remember the crystal looking like...and here is what I have come up with.
If I am remembering it correctly, I think I have found many like it online...
it is a spiral wand described as "Selenite w/Flourite Cap".
I have a picture but don't know how to upload one to my message, but this ebay listing looks how I remember the one at the store looking:
So assuming this wand in the store is in fact the same as this one on ebay, what would one do with a selenite wand with a flourite cap? lol
Thanks for all of your advice thus far :)


You will find this design of selenite/flourite wand in any good crystal/new age/spiritual shop in the UK for between £15& £25.
They are not fake crystals, but I have doubts that, due to the numbers currently on sale in the UK alone, would guarentee they are all handmade, but that should not detract from the energy of the wand.
If you feel this wand is 'calling' you, then I hope you enjoy the new partnership.


If the one from your link is is what I know to be a massage wand,
selenite and fluorite are two wonderful crystals, but before we get into what they are for or not...lets wait and see what you decide to do
If, as I believe you have mentioned somewhere that you are new to crystals...why not purchase yourself a good non expensive crystal book ... it will give you an idea about various crystals:)
stormdeva x


I want to thank you all so much. I went today and bought the wand and I am so happy! :D
I know that I was "meant" to have this particular one, and I am so grateful for all your support and advice which helped me do what I wanted/needed to do anyway. Thanks so much.
I also bought 3 lil crystals, and brought them all home and tried to cleanse them by smudging and then put them in some soil (clearly marked for easy retrieval, lol).
So now on to other posts/questions ;)
Thanks again :)

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