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Hopi Ear Candles and Vegans

I was at a BBQ this weekend chatting to some friends about my massage work and what I currently offer. The topic of Hopi Ear Candles came up and one friend commented that his parents loved them but he couldn't use them as they contain beeswax so make their use innapropriate for him as a Vegan.
Just thought that this is something worth sharing as a very important contra-indication for the use of Hopi Ear Candles, one that I certainly hadn't thought of before.
Foz xxx


I know that some vegans will still eat honey/use beeswax, etc if it is sourced from bees that aren't killed in the process. I forget which one it is but it's either the northern or southern hemisphere that's ok. (not much help I know). of course most vegans may not be aware of this, or will not use any animal products at all. if you want more info you may be able to get an answer on the Vegetarian and Vegan Forum, and of course you'd also need to know where Biosun source their beeswax from.
Sarah x

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