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I am doing A&P course starting in September before moving onto Sports Physiotherapy and was wondering if there is any reading which I can do now towards the A&P.
Many Thanks


Read the Louise Tucker - Intro to Anatomy and Physiology. The course is based around that book.
Also get a good medical encyclopaedia, and flick through that too.
If you go to the Past Exam paper forum and look at the past papers, you will see what you will be expected to learn for the exam.
Good luck, I really enjoyed the course.


I'd say grab some kiddies A&P books out of the library and get used to some of those, they are much more graphical than the more serious books so you can get to grips with the basics really quickly.


You will need more than the Louise Tucker book for a good understanding of A and P. Sorry, but that is very basic, useful for exam purposes only, it will not give you a good grounding in a and p and you need others:
Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness ~Janet S. Ross, et al
Churchill Livingstone
Paperback - June 29, 2001
Books: See all 7025 results
*Our Price: 27.99
An excellent book that I used a lot.
The Anatomy Coloring Book ~Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M. Elson
Addison Wesley
Paperback - August 2001
'colouring' books are a must-have when learning anatomy.
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 10th ed ~Gerard J. Tortora, Sandra Grabowski
John Wiley and Sons (WIE)
Hardcover - June 27, 2002
Our Price: 38.95 *
This is a tomb but really, you need it to answer the questions in the exam.
Hope that helps.
Totora and Grabwoski:D


Not doing any courses myself, but just wanted to endorse candies recomendation!
The Totora,Grabwoski was my bible when I was training to be a student nurse!;)


Me too :D
Tora Tora Tora !!! [sm=rollaugh.gif]


Hi All,
I got the colouring book (and the other mentioned) and will definitely be using it again this year in my sports massage course. Invaluable......
Live to Ride


Thanks all - I had better get cracking....


Trial Guide to the Body - search for it on the web. In my opinion it can't be beaten


Just started my Remedial and Sports Massage course (wow!). In addition to Trail Guide we have been recommended Atlas of Skeletal Muscles Stone and Stone.


I agree for A&P I used Ross & Wilson too, I felt it gave you a much better insight and real understanding, rather than the parrot fashion Louise Tucker. I also used the Atlas of Skeletal Muscles, which I would highly recommend if you plan on doing physio. You might as well learn all the origins & insertions now, as they help make sense of muscle actions. There is also a good website which has pretty much the same info as Stone & Stone (if you want to save money)
Hope you enjoy the course
Angelfish xx

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