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"Extreme Makeovers" - extremely hooked!

[sm=nuts.gif] Anyone out there watch this truly touching plastic surgery makeover programme on Sky?
Two people have their dreams fulfilled with everything they hate about themselves sorted out in one go - in other words, if they need a nose job, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, dental surgery ... whatever ... they have it practically ALL done at once and then you see the results a couple of months later. None of this I've had a nose job on its own stuff. They go the whole hog and get blitzed. Last night's programme was absolutely wonderful with a very underconfident widow getting her very poor teeth sorted out. After eight extractions and amazing cosmetic input, she looked fabulous.
Do give it a go if you've got Sky. I was in tears last night it was so touching!


I must admit to being a bit of an addict myself - though sometimes I could do without all the bit in the middle!! Just show us the before, and then how it was transformed into the after!!
I do think it is a bit "only in America" though. Some of the transformations have been absolutely spectacular - but what a lot to put your body through in only a few weeks - and some of the relatives look a bit shell shocked afterwards, especially husbands/wives.
Well worth watching - even if only once to cringe at!!
k x


Hi guys,
Yeah ive watched a few episodes and i must say its worth watching, its great to see such dramatic changes from before to after. I am happy for the people who do the surgery, because seeing their confidence levels shoot up, is really something to marvel at.



I love that show :) It's amazing how they can turn someone around so quickly. Some of the transformations have been stunning!

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