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A very unpleasant experience

Hi all, Sunday evening i'm driving down the road at about 60 mph. There's acar about 100 metres up ahead waiting to pull out. I don't slow down at all 'cos he sees me, right? My car is red!! was red!
At the very last moment , when i'm only 5 metres away, he decides to pull out. So, I slammed my foot on the brake but i just skidded straight into him. Now unfortunately, the gentleman driving this other car is no longer manifest on the physical plane, so i can't ask him what on earth he was thinking of.
As for me, i've spent three days in hospital after an operation to reset my broken ankle.
So, if anybody wants to send me some healing energy, I will receive it with open arms.
What is the lesson to learn from all this? Don't assume that the car waiting for you to pass won't pull out at the last moment. Maybe the driver has suicidal tendencies and wants to take you with him.


Oh dear chupichulo, how awful. [:o]
Did the other driver have a heart attack or something?
Reiki winging it's way to you.


Hi chupichulo.
Its on its way:-)


Poor you. Who knows what that other person was thinking at the time? I'm so glad that you didn't suffer more severe physical damage, although I can imagine that you are feeling rather fragile mentally and emotionally. Big hugs are on their way to you, take it easy and be good to yourself in the coming days.


Hi Chupichulo,
I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. I don't do healing, but I am thinking of you. I wouldn't normally reply to a message for healing because I don't do it, but I've being phoning round today getting quotes for my car insurance, and it has been reminding me of an accident I had. It wasn't serious, and it was my own fault, but it's still not a good thing to happen at all.
Hope you get some good healing and feel better.


Hi chupichulo,
reiki on its way to you,


Hi Chupichulo,
Welcome to the forums.
Healing is being sent to you for your benefit at all levels.
I hope that you will soon recover and will not have any recurring 'worries' about your ordeal.


Love and blessings to you in this time

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