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Having recently got over the worst symptoms of ME I recently had to take a high dose course of antibiotics - no choice on that one. I started taking Acidophillus Complex immediately I had completed the course of antibiotics but have no idea how long I should take them for. I have read on the internet that it can be used to avoid further bouts of systemic candida which I had managed to rid myself of prior to the antibiotics. Is it ok to take acidophillus daily continually or should I stop after say 30 days.
Any suggestions would be appreciated


Hi Lin
It is safe to take acidophillus long term, you may at some stage decided to have just one a day as a maintance dose...I have been taking them for many years like I have a very dodgy system and need them to help keep me healthy
Welcome to HP by the way
stormdeva x


Yep, it is ok to take them regularly.....

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