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Hi everyone,
There was a thread regarding this sometime ago but can anyone update me on what the situation is now?
I am working with a group of other therapists and and those of us who do Reiki are being given the chance to provide a service for a private health company. They, quite rightly, want assurance that they are taking on genuinely attuned practitioners.
Any thoughts on what we should say to them?


Hello Sarah,
A copy of your master's certificate plus of your insurance policy should be enough.
I have had a few students who's Reikicourse was payed by their employer and I was asked to show "proof" of my qualifications. I send the photocopy of my Reiki certificate. It is signed by a master who is not well known and who lives abroad but no one asked anything else.


Hi Sarah,
I've had a similar experience like Artemis.
I sent a copy of my Reiki Certificates and a copy of my membership cards/receipts for the Reiki Organisations to which I belong. The membership cards are not accreditation but the enquirers seemed to get comfort from them.
The best of luck.
Please let us know how you get on.


Hi Sarah,
I'm involved with the RRWG for the self-regulation of Reiki, which makes it more respectable and viable to health organisations.
As well as showing your certificates, insurance and association membership, you could gently remind them that Reiki will be self-regulated in order to deliver consistently to a high standard.


Hi Suzanne,
Not everyone will choose to subscribe to the voluntary registration and regulation proposed by the RRWG, just as there are building designers who do not subscribe to the RIBA. These 'un-subscribed' people may be no less honest, trustful or adept at their chosen occupation than those who choose to subscribe.
It will be up to the recipients to decide wheter they go to 'subscribed' or 'unsubscribed' practitioners.


Hi Paul,
That's true. It is useful to mention though. Maybe you haven't, but I have personally and another Reiki healer I know has had to struggle at times to get accepted. You would be surprised how many organisations are horrified at Reiki, and I think it is important that they respect it, whether the individual concerned is "subscribed" or not. I got involved with such an organisation ....shudder...


Well said, Paul. As long as the unsubscribed practionners are stil allowed to practicve (and get insurance cover)...
I wouldn't necessarilly point out to outsiders that "it will become self-regulated" because that might sound the same as telling them "it's a mess that needs sorting out"!


Thanks everyone, I have passed on your comments.


... and given the nonsense that has been published so far by the UK Reiki Federation - a major player in the RRWG - in terms of approved Reiki training, I have very little confidence in the ability of the RRWG to produce standards that mean anything, though I am sure what they propose will look good to outsiders who have no idea of what Reiki is all about.
I look forward to being pleasantly surprised, but I won't hold my breath.
Best wishes,


I have voiced this before on other threads here about varoius Reiki associations claiming all sorts of things. I belong to an organisation for therapy that covers all I do including Reiki and when I e-mailed them a few months ago no Reiki organisation has contacted then to seek reiki practioners views on standards.
If they are seeking the views of Reiki practitioners why are they not seeking views from organsiations and assciations who clearly have reiki practioners in their membership.

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