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I was at a healing weekend event to day and went past a stand that had a reiki healer offering courses which said Reiki Master USuI Scheim accredited trainer. I was not aware we are accredited as masters and if thios is happening who and how are they being accreditied. Any ideas?


Hi Somerset Angel,
There are many bodies offering accredited courses in Reiki, Seichim and other energy therapies. These are usually associated with an accrediting body from other (or generic) holistic therapies, or have individual "standards" by which they teach.
When I started teaching Reiki, I was accredited by the AAPA, which was a professional body that accredited many forms of Complimentary Therapy. This meant that certificated students could gain insurance through the AAPA's insurance company.
I am now associated with the NRG Association, who also accredit, but this works on the basis of - this is what is taught by an NRG teacher - thus providing an "accountable" syllabus, rather than being legally (or otherwise) regulated.
I understand that many would disagree with the idea of "accredited" Reiki courses, but I personally feel that if good teaching standards are set in Reiki it cuts out a lot of the "bad press", "horror stories", and other issues that seem to be prevalent these days. I also feel that Reiki should be kept an individual practice, this is why a "standard" should be purely academic and remain flexible enough to offer the individual teachers their only views and perspectives.
My advice: if you see the word "accredited" on the promotional material for a course, find out by who and what this means in "real" terms, as any professional association should list exactly what they offer and what regulations they set as a private organisation.
I hope this helps

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