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selftreatment enough or not?

Hi all,
:)I am new to this site, I have been reading a lot of posts. I have a question for you. I did my Reiki 1 about 8 months ago, but because of college and exams I have been very busy, and I have not been doing my self treatments. Before my reiki 1 attunement I was told each time I have had a reiki treatment that my heart chakra was blocked. Now that I have not done a self treatment in a few months, would it be better for me to go to someone else for a treatment. I guess I'm just wondering if just doing a self treatment is good enough.
Thanks Dee


I have had these blockages come up myself when I have not been regularly self treating. Once I learned to have confidence in myself, I realized that I could always heal myself. It was very empowering. Of course it is a nice treat to go to see someone else, but I think self treating right now would be very important and just what you need!


Hi Dee,
Welcome to the Forums.
I hope the exam went OK and that you have the results you require.
Only you can decide what form of treatment you require.
Self treatment is excellent but, as most healers will admit, receiving healing from others is even better than that. You will unblock yourself by yourself BUT if you need reassurance then go to another practitioner.
Please try not to worry about your chakras, work diligently and hard at healing yourself, don't get angry with yourself if it doesn't happen quickly enough for you, love yourself (and others) while you are doing it and be grateful that you DO have the ability to heal (help) yourself.
(Now where have you heard all that before ???;))


Thank you starfish and Paul,
I needed to hear that, it gives me more confidence that what I am doing is working, and I am not just going though the motions for no reason. Yes, it is a lack of confidence.


Hi Celticspiral!
I can empathise with how you are feeling. I have the same problem and, for this reason, still have a weekly treatment with my practitioner because I didn't feel that my self-treatments were effective i.e. I couldn't feel anything flowing and didn't relax as deeply as when I received a treatment from somebody else. However, I have recently started attending a Reiki Sharing Circle and this has made such a difference in a very short period of time. I am now starting to 'feel' the energy.
Last night, my reiki share partner told me that my channelling of the reiki energy was really strong and this has bolstered my confidence. If you don't already go to reiki share, it is well worth checking to see whether there is a group in your area. The people are really friendly and you learn new things as well.
Good luck!
Reiki blessings [sm=FIFangel.gif]


Dear Celticspiral,
Self-treatments are sufficient, you know, though it is a wonderful experience to receive Reiki from another person. I don't think that the idea of 'blocked' chakras is helpful because it is a worrisome phrase. Reiki rushes to areas where there is a need for the energy to produce balance, that's all, and most people have emotional stuff that needs to be dealt with.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't have treatments from other people, but have more confidence in your own abilities and keep plugging away with your self-treatments: they will move you in the right direction.
IndianRainbow, you said: "I couldn't feel anything flowing and didn't relax as deeply as when I received a treatment from somebody else." ... well this is common! You can't relax as much because you have to remain conscious enough to keep control of what you are doing and where your hands are going, whereas when you receive a treatment from someone else you can bliss out and drift in and out of consciousness.
Best wishes,


If I want to give myself a Reiki treatment where I can really relax, I send myself a distant treatment for the time I want to get my treatment. Then I can just relax and receive without having to worry about giving at the same time.
By the way, feeling the energy more strongly does not mean that the Reiki you are chanelling is stronger. It just means that you are more sensitive to the "feel" of the energy.

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