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Hi All,
Well it really has been a while since I've been on here, been doing lots of work starting up my massage practice and on top of that studying for my Sports and Remedial Massage course. But I didn't think it had been so long that I had forgotten how to create a new post - finally figured I hadn't logged in!! Oh dear!! [&o] Well I'm gonna blame it on my hormones!!! You see I've recently had a positive pregnancy test!!! V. Excited!! And yes, I'm getting to the point of this post!!!
Tomorrow a friend is coming for a massage and he is going to introduce me to my first ever Reiki treatment which I'm really looking forward to. I just wanted some advice from you wonderful people with regards to pregnancy and Reiki. My husband and I are awaiting our first scan (which isn't until next week) before we share with friends and family our wonderful news. So in light of my Reiki treatment tomorrow is it safe for the baby to have treatment and is it necessary to tell my friend? Obviously, I'd like to hold off telling anybody else before I've told my parents.
Thanks for listening to my round about way of getting to the question!!
Love and thanks....


I'm affraid i don't know the answer to this but...WOW...congratulations!!!![sm=hug.gif][sm=1syellow1.gif][sm=jump2.gif][sm=grouphug.gif][sm=dance.gif]


Hi Viks
good to hear from you, i am very pleased for your news. yes please tell the practitioner your status.
reiki is in no way harmful, it is safe and you and baby will soak it up like a sponge.
good luck with your massage practice, that is how i got started in all this healing beauty
remember a good thought is only a thought away
labah in spirit


Wonderful news viks!!! Congratulations to you and your husband.
Don't worry about having Reiki, I have had pregnant clients and they have said the baby had definately responded to it. I've also given it to a pregnant cat and felt the kittens squirming around, amazing!
Enjoy the session,
Love and light


Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll let my friend know that I'm pregnant then. Will post later with details of my experience for anyone who is interested.
Much love and thanks....


Heartiest congratulations to you, Vik.
Tell your Reiki practitioner of your condition and relax and enjoy the treatment.
Thank you for sharing your special news with us ahead of everyone else.:)


Congratulations to you both and I know of no reason why you cannot have reiki while pregnant I agree wjith what has been said so far.
Love and light


Hi again,
Thanks for all the congratulations!!! This first time pregnancy thing is quite exciting and scary at the same time.
Well, I had my Reiki treatment yesterday afternoon! After we got over all the congratulations and excitement of my news - actually was quite nice to share it with somebody else.
I received 20 minutes on the front of my body only, he spent some time on my head and then worked down my body. I had a sense of calm and his hands were extremely warm and comforting. I guess I was aware of the areas of my chest and solar plexus being areas I needed to let go of (for want of a better description) it wasn't unpleasant just where I felt less relaxed and I found this interesting and I would definately say this would be where I would hold my emotions.
I didn't know what to expect from the treatment and just allowed myself to be open to what might occur. I did go into a very relaxed state but didn't drift off, infact had the opposite effect which I was surpised about also as I've been extremely tired in the afternoons with the pregnancy and was quite exhausted after having given my friend an hour massage.
I was conscious of colours before my eyes, blues, reds, oranges and purples. Not sure if there is any significance to this. Was wondering if it related to heat or energy.
I found the session very pleasant but the most unexpected feeling was actually when the treatment stopped, when it ended I thought 'should I open my eyes', but I couldn't, then this wave of what felt like an immense energy field enveloped my whole body and I almost went into a state of euphoria which was extremely intense and almost tooo much! It was lovely and lasted for what felt like 5 minutes. I instinctively knew to just go with it and allow myself to come out of the state slowly. I felt quite energised after the treatment.
So there you go, my first Reiki experience was a good one and I'll be keen to have more. Thanks again for all your advice and sorry to have rambled on so long, just wanted to share....
Much love

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