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a little concerened

Hi everyone:)
Was not long ago since I have done my reiki atument. And i have practiced upon myslef as well as family members,
Well the thing is I have been practicing on my boyfrined and was working upon his chakras, slowly and carefuly, And I felt the energy flowing as did my cat lol
Though my bf got an over whelming feeling of being uncomfortable and being restless
This concerned me, is there anything i should be watching out for?


Your cat was flowing? Mine's done some strange things in the past but I've never seen him flow. :D
As for the bf. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Reiki works for the better good. Everyone experiences different things when receiving Reiki some which seem pleasant and some unpleasant or painful. It could be an inbalance in his chakras or some physical or emotional blockage being moved.
Use your intuition. If you believe it's a blockage you can try and shift it. I think there are various ways to do this but the way I've learnt so far is to turn your hand the other way and rather than channelling energy into the problem area (which the recipient can feel like a build up of pressure or otherwise), draw the blockage out. You'll know when it's gone cos when you go back to channelling energy in, it will feel more comfortable.
Try it and see. Intuition works wonders.
Love and Reiki Hugz


thanks soo much for responding to my post.
Lok no my cat was not flowing, rather sitting cloe by and watching all the while buzzing away.
U r right when u say use your intuition. I never thought of turning my hand the other way to release the blockage. Good thinking Sherlock![&:]
My bf does have a block in his sacra so I will work on it agin later
Another thing can I heal before the 21 days of self healign is over or not?
thanks soo much


Hi Dragon
Yes you can and should start healing as soon as you are attuned, the energy is safe to use at all times and though it is beneficial there is nothing to say a treatment has to be enjoyable, just effective :-)


[sm=1kis.gif] Thanks Paul much appreciated. Just neded to know if i was doign the right thing
Love and blessings


providing you connect to reiki and let it flow for the highest good of the person then there is NO DOING IT WORNG
just do it and enjoy the energy


Thanks Dez have been and there is a lot of work to do on my brother. I turned my hand the other way when I felt there was a blcok and my hands became hotter?


And we need to get over this myth that self healing is for 21 days. Don't stop self healing after that will you. I'm still doing it three months on... and I ain't gonna stop.... :)


you are welcome dragonheart oops dragin spirit
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