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21 days are up

Hi all Saturday was my 21st day of self healing so i wanted to use my Reiki on a member of the family, my husband was the guinee pig so to speak lol, i gave him the whole body treatment, and i felt the Reiki flowing through me and into him, he never says he felt a thing, and doesnt believe it worked, ~ i do so i dont mind that, any way he is a heavy drinker and since i gave him Reiki i have had a pain across my right side into the middle of my stomach, it feels a bit like a pulled muscle, pretty uncomfortable! I have been giving myself lots of Reiki since to try and heal myself, but it is still there. is it connected do you think.
P,s, it just so happens i am booked into see my Reiki master this morning for a treatment on myself which will be nice. :)


Congratulations Hawkwind :D
I was wondering whether you feel different now to when you first started the self-healing, and if so what changes you went through? (Im on day 9 - so a bit to go yet!!)


Hiya Hawkwind and Poppy Angel,
It's been a couple of months now since I did Reiki I. I must admit I didn't wait until I tried out the energy on others, although I have done the self healing on an almost continuous basis since being attuned.
First to get reiki from me was the cat. ;) He normally goes for my partner as he's a bit of a ladies cat, but on the first evening after my attunement he jumped straight on my knees and sat there while I zapped him. Since that day he comes to me on an almost daily basis for his fill of Reiki. I've also practiced on my partner and other family members as well as attending a few reiki shares. Some people seem to feel the Reiki and others don't so much. My partner tends not to feel much but can definitely see the effects of it as she becomes much happier and cheerful. I've noticed that others who are attuned can feel the reiki more easily than those who aren't.
As for picking up pains/emotions from those you are treating, we were taught on our reiki course to surround ourselves with a protective energy barrier before treating people. You then reach through this barrier to treat people. Seems to work as I haven't picked up anything from anyone yet. *touch wood*.
No doubt you'll have covered some of these issues on your courses. And likewise you wouldn't treat anyone if you were feeling unwell either physically or emotionally yourself, not so much cos you'd pass anything on to the "client" but because the reiki energy would be used to heal yourselves in the first instance before it got anywhere near the client.
As for what changes are experienced during self healing.... wow... where to start. It will obviously depend on the individual and their lifestyle and personality. I know that my life has been changed quite a bit since attunement. I'm still working at the same place, but it doesn't stress me out so much. I used to be a terrible eater (never really touched veg), but now I'm trying new stuff and I'm not afraid to. I've lost the craving for chocolate and crisps that I used to stuff myself with at work and my body has detox'd somewhat. I've gone from 11stone 2lb (April 8th) to 10stone 8lb (May 30th). Other things include changes in attitude with my relationship and more compassion to others etc. There's a whole list of things. Some have been quite obvious in-yer-face and some are more subtle and you notice them when looking back.
Well, enjoy your self healing, and keep it up, you're not just limited to 21 days. Practice and experiment as much as possible and if you're not sure, then ask someone, there's plenty of people out here who can provide an answer or even share it if there isn't an answer.
Love and Reiki Hugs


Hi Poppy angel and Energylz, Do i feel different since my attunement, i most definatly do.... I would say more on a emotional and spiritual level rather than physical, i do need to keep grounding myself and protecting myself, because i am prone to feeling very lightheaded, and i also see more things now since i found Reiki, but i also feel so much more at peace, and boy was i ever a worrier before now i take things in my stride which is great, i also feel very close to God now and indeed sense that the angels are near me it is wonderfull. I am glad you both are feeling the benefits too.:D


Hi Hawkwind,
You may or may not have "taken in" something from your husband's state. If it is the case, a clear affirmation like "thanks for the informatin, but it's fine now, it is not need it anymore" might help.
At times I do "see/feel" something from a client during a tretament, but I tell myslef somehting like "this is usefull information, but it do not need more than this, I can now let go of it".
ANothe rhting that doe shelp me not to pick up things form cleitn sis to visualise energy flowing from me to them. In that way, their stuff won't come in me, but I remain open.
I do have a problem with the "protective barrier". When giving a tretament, I woudlideally wnat the person to "open up" so as to receive the most from the treatment. Bu thow can they do that if the example I give is to "put up a barrier"? If at soem levle I amgivng the message "I could get contaminated by you..."


Hmm, perhaps the use of "Protective Barrier" does seem a bit strong. I tend to see it more as a reiki energy surrounding me, not so much saying "don't give me your bad things" but more a case of "let the bad things out as they will not hurt me, the reiki shall help to assist with these".
I hope that make more sense.
Love and Reiki Hugs


Thanks Artemis,thanks for the advice, and when i say i protect myself first, i don't say anything to the person who is going to have the treatment, i just quickly visualise a bubble of light around me it only takes a second. and do think about to that Reiki can flow through the bubble from me to them.


Dear Hawkwind and Poppyangel,
The "21" day thing is a bit of a Reiki myth really. There is no reason why you can't start working on other people as soon as you have been attuned: you can go home and treat people on the day of yoru Reiki1 course. Self-healing isn't limited to a 21 day period: it should become a regular part of your Reiki life, and any strong reaction that might occur (a "Reiki clear-out") isn't restricted to a 21 day period either: if you keep on working on yourself with Reiki then things can come to the surface to be released at any time, even years later.
People's reactions to Reiki vary: some people notice a lot but occasionally people don't really feel anything. That doesn't mean it hasn't done something beneficial for them, it just means they didn't feel anything! If you practice on a few people you are more likely to receive feedback that will encourage you.
Like Artemis and Giles, I can say to you that a protective barrier is not necessary when you carry out Reiki: Reiki is an inherently protective energy, and in fact many hands-on therapists learn Reiki specifically because being attuned to Reiki prevents them from picking up things from the poeple you have been working on. Maybe the teachers who advocated this had a spiritual healing background, where such barriers are seen as necessary, but they are not necessary with Reiki. Such practices come from fear and have no place in Reiki.
Occasionally your body can 'echo' what is going on in the person you are treating, but that is simply intuition working in a particular way.
You could indeed have pulled a muscle, you know - the simple explanations are usually the best - if you have only just started treating people and have not found just the right comfortable position to hold youself when you treat, particularly if you do not yet have a treatment table: Reiki treatments can be quite uncomfortable for the giver sometimes if you don't have a treatment couch.
You don't need to keep on grounding and protecting yourself either. If you are carrying out hatsurei then this is a grounding practice, and treating others can ground you too... doing things like walking outdoors and doing the washing up are magnificently grounding practices also. There are some within the world of Reiki who seem to attribute every ailment and discomfort to not being grounded. We don't need to worry so much about these things.
Best wishes,


That was very helpfull thankyou Taggart, what is hatsurei ? thanks my Reiki master didnt use any words like that when we were attuned,


Dear Hawkwind,
Hatsurei Ho is a sequence of energy exercises that come from japanese Reiki and which are used to develop your ability as a channel, develop your sensitivity to the energy, and develop your intuition too. The exercises are carried out from first degree onwards.
If you e-mail me direct to I can send you some instructions, and from my web site you can even download an mp3 track that talks you through the exercises.
Hope that helps.
Best wishes,

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