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Acupresure question

I recently borrowed a book from my local library about acupresure. Don't even know what made me pick it up but it just sort of jumped out at me. Ever since I have found myself drawn to the subject. The book is very good at explaining where each point is on the body, how to locate the points etc. The only thing it does not picture is anybody actually receiving any massage. So my very basic question is Do you receive acupressure treatment laying down or sitting up? :eek:
Sorry to be long winded but I am facinated by the way I have come across this subject and now just seem to be drawn to it and want to find out everything I can about it. Maybe it is a sign, somebdy giving me a nudge in the right direction.
Would be grateful for any info on this subject.


It depends on which point you want to reach. If you want tp accupress the bladder meridian the patient needs to be in prone position on the bench. If you want the manipulate the shoulder area I find that having the patient sitting down is easier for me.


I do acupressure points as part of my body or face treatments as I am a beauty therapist and the company I trained with taught me these points. It is amazing I do them on the face and back mainly. When I do them on the back certain points relate to other areas and some of them come up with heat or redness and this can indicate a problem in the area it relates to ie a point in upper back relating to circulation if the client has poor circulation this area would come up and more than likely they would suffer from dryness around the nose which is the linked area. It is just like reading a map on the back and it amazes the clients how spot on the information is that I gain from reading the back pressure points. It is working on the meridian lines and helps to unblock them too. When doing these points they are incorperated with the treatments and it is more relaxing and comfortable for the client to be laying down on a therapist couch.
Love angelic xx


Lying down, on your fornt on on your back, sitting , lying on the side... Receiver on sid epostion is great for reaching the back points of the person is not comfortable lying prone.


Accupressure can be done anyway the patient is comfortable, but some of the powerpoints (what I think you are on about) the patients needs to be able to move so that points can br reached.
I am learning accupressure at the moment and there is so much more than just these points, you can do soo much more, full body meridian massages down to muscle manipulation. It is a facinating subject.
With love


If that's what you feel drawn to doing then might be worth checking out Shiatsu and in some parts of the UK you can actually study acupressure massage based on the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Theres some blurb & links that may help for both these on our Holistic Centre website below.
Shiatsu is more widely available for study, but I think our massage therapist that does the acupressure massage studied in London, so may depend where you are in the world.

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