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A past life flashback?

I have been seeing a young woman for the past 2 months who came to me through her Mother ( the Practice Manager at my GP's). This lovely girl is very open to the Reiki energy and has wonderful experiences during our sessions. Her main physical problem is with her knees. She was training to be a ballerina when younger and was very good but because of the 'unnatural' positions she had to put her feet in it affected her knees and she had to give up which came as a big shock at the time as dancing was her life.
She has already had operations on both knees and her mother told me that she may need knee replacements when she is in her 30's. Reiki seemed to be working wonders on her knees but we haven't been able to get together lately on a regular basis through one reason or another and on our last session something different happened. As I concentrated on her knees I suddenly 'saw' a scene . There were womem on horses, about 5 of them. They were wearing tall black hats with wispy black veils and fitted riding habits and sitting side-saddle with long skirts. The horses were black or brown with white 'feet' and their manes plaited and their tales held up high. They were in a field and looked like they were ready to ride off. Just as suddenly the scene disappeared!
Once the session had ended she said straight away that it had felt different to all the others. She had felt as if the white light was 'behind' her and blackness in front and all around her and that she was being pulled backwards towards the light. I told her some of what I saw and she described the rest, she even said the horses looked like 'dressage' ones!!! Do you think her knee problems could be linked in any way to this scene, ie a riding accident? We haven't been able to get together again since then and I saw her mother the other day and she said her daughter hadn't been well and her knees were now very painful and that another operation is needed. Hopefully I am seeing her next week. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be going on here? I would really appreciate some feedback so I can help this girl in the best way I can,
Thank you in advance,
Love and light


Hi Reikiangel,
It does sound as if you have dipped into a past life, especially as the client saw it all and could continue it. Amazing how powerful reiki is, isn't it? I personally would take this as a sign that these old restrictions need releasing - knees seem a popular place for being 'held back' in women, I've seen that in two clients; usually it's around the sacral in men, I have found.
If (and only if) the client is amenable to releasing this old karma, I would use the following, (remember to protect yourself first and ground you and the client afterwards): Call in all your spirit guides and protectors to help, angels, archangels, power animals, whoever you normally call on. Call on your Reiki to be powerful and releasing; use the reiki the pull off the negative energy in this region. Make anti-clockwise circles with your hand behind the knee and draw away the energy. It will feel dense and may look dark. Send the dark energy to the Violet Fire for cleansing, ask the angels to take it, whatever is your normal 'clearing' practise in the type of reiki you do. Continue until you feel it has changed and lightened. The back of the knee has a chakra centre, so this may take twenty minutes or more to clear, particularly if you are pulling off from a past life. Then 'push' reiki into the front of the knee using clockwise motions of your hands and ask the angels to fill any void in the tissues with healing light. Although reiki is so wonderful it just usually 'flows' and we let it, in this kind of work you do need to concentrate so you use the most 'intent' you can muster. The client has to be in this frame of mind also. Then when it is cleared neither you nor especially her should talk about it for the next three days so the 'new' pattern of health can take hold and the negative cannot be called back.
You can also use any ritual you like to assist with the clearing, I call on St Michael and visualise using his sword, etc. PM me if you need more.
Reiki Blessings


Dear Sue,
Thank you for your post, it was very helpful. When I saw my client the next week I explained what we could do if she was willing and she was happy to give it a try. After our last visit she apparently dreamt that night of horses and thier drumming hoof beats and woke up curled up as if protecting herself from something. She also felt not like herself at all, she felt she wanted just to give up , not get out of bed etc (nothing like her normal self at all). So, with this in mind I did what you suggested. It went very well but I warned her that past issues may come up but not to worry and to ring me in a few days if she was worried. A week has gone by and she didn't ring. When I saw her tonight she said that she felt so much better in herself, physically and emotionally. She is now sleeping better and her knees although still a bit stiff do not pain her as much! So thank you from both of us!
Love and light


Hi Reiki Angel
I've always admired your name :) The very first time I had reiki I was asked afterwards if I had a problem with my left knee as that was where the therapist was drawn to, I used to be a sportsman and had many injuries but never to my left knee but I do very occasionally get strong pain in it but the problems only last a few hours at a time and came many months apart. It was something I forgot about until just very recently, I myself am now reiki 2 and have had 2 Past Life Regressions with my reiki teacher.
On the second PLR session, I'll skip straight to the point instead of telling you the whole story as I was under for approx 1hr 20 mins (its a long story), I was a Native American in the 18th century, saw myself from early 20's through to my late 50's, and in those later years I saw myself using a stick to help me walk, like a crutch as I had a problem with my left knee. The therapist asked me what had happened to it (as my health had been fine up until then) and I saw myself lying on the ground being attacked by a white man in military uniform, with a thick beard. He was holding a rock in his hand and smashing it into my left knee. I can see his face today, knarled in anger and hate.
The whole experience was VERY visual and very emotive, in fact I asked to be brought out of the regression because I was distressed at something that happened after that event, but it was clear to me that the problem in my knee, and the reason for the therapist being drawn to that area was because I had been holding onto a past life issue there. Since the regression I have not had any pains in that knee, and touch wood I dont expect it to come back.
Indeed, reiki is a powerful healing tool and your experience adds to the abundant evidence out there already that it is a wonderful multi dimensional healing tool.
Peace Light and Love

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