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Groin Injury....What Therapy?

Hi everyone
Wonder if anyone here can help me. My hubby is suffering froma terrible groin strain, to be honest, it has pained him on and off for years, but the last few months have been the worse, he gets a strain at least once a fortnight. His job involves him lifting heavy things, and in the past he has done weight training. He has had to stop because of the constant groin injuries but he now does a lot of cardio exercise in the Gym.
Is there any exercise he could do to strengthen the groin area or is there any therapy I could give him. I do Reiki and Indian Head Massage and I am training in Reflexology and aromatherapy massage.....any particular oils I should be using?
I do give him Reiki, but he is still in a lot of pain, can't imagine IHM helping the area much, there must be some therapy that I could help him with. Becuase of this, I have decided to study sports injury and sports massage, but that won't be till september.
Somebody PLEASE help us.
Love Angel xxx


Groin strain through weight training, probably too rapid and/or deep squats, been there etc..
A groin pull is an injury to the five adductor muscles of the inner thigh, joining the inner pelvis to the inner part of the femur and pulling the legs together.
When a muscle is strained, it's stretched too far. Mild strains pull the muscle beyond their normal excursion. More severe strains tear some or all of the muscle fibers.
Treatment for a groin pull is usually guided by the severity of the injury, the number of fibers torn. Rest is the key to successful treatment. You should do only activities that don't aggravate your injury.
Gentile stretching is helpful, but should never be painful. Apply ice to the injured area in the acute phase (first 48 hours after injury), and then after activities. Before activities and stretching gentle heating, (warm towel, vigorous rubbing) loosens the muscle.
With your husband's symptoms of long term severe groin pull, you should be evaluated for proper DOCTOR treatment, since severe groin pulls with almost complete muscle rupture, necessitate surgery to reattach the torn ends of the muscle.
Do check that the pain is not caused by a hernia.
Doctors and physical therapists can be helpful in guiding treatment that may speed his recovery. He may find treatments such as ultrasound, therapeutic massage, and specific exercises particularly helpful.


Ouch.....generally this is an overstretch. Depends as Leo rightly says on the severity but rest of the area should be considered to allow full healing...a heat pad on the area will also help relax the muscle and stimulate the delivery of oxygen etc (however Sperm are not made on heat!).
A massage therapist that does advanced massage, neuromuscular techniques and soft tissue release can often help with this, however if there is heat in the area (apart from being inflicted by a heat pad etc) that is not matched on the other side it is best to let this level out as it is a sign of healing before seeking out a massuese.
Do check re the hernia thing - total agreement.
Hope that helps


Hiya Leonardo and Tigerbee
Thank you both very kindly for your replys. Hubby went to the doctor about 3 years ago about this injury and she mentioned that it might need surgery. It is not something hubby is wanting to think about at the moment, but he is going to take your advice and try the heat pads, ice packs and gentle stretching of the areas.
No need to worry about sperm, he had a vastectomy a couple of years ago. He is not sure if it is a Hernia, for some reason he is more convinced that it is a groin strain, but he is saying the pain comes on the right hand side of the groin and he gets an ache in his right testicle too. Does that sound like an Hernia?
Love Angel


On the sports side of things I agree with Leonardo, after the injury apply ice, to stop further damage. Then post acute stage alternate a hot & cold compress to speed up recovery with fresh blood/oxygen/nutrients. Don't massage if there is any inflammation, but once it has died down use effleurage, no frictions or NMT yet.. OUCH! As the adductors have been injured, they will need strengthening, work the weights up gradually and don't over extend. Stretching is vital & should be gentle, especially after activity, but there is tendancy to overstretch & hold too long.
If you would like to use aromatherapy treatments a cold compress using Sweet Marjoram would be a good choice, it's good for muscle tension & reduces bruising.
I think hernia's tend to be more of lump/swelling. It's always best to get a doctor's advice, especially as this is repetitive.


Hi Angel
Dont wish to be a kill joy here but any ache in the testicle needs looking at to rule out anything suspicious so book the dr's appt.

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