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A few questions

Hi all,
Im hoping i can benefit from your experiences here.
Im currently studying reflexology and just have 2 questions.
Firstly, when im doing case studies, will i have to buy my own chair/couch? Im guessing i will otherwise where will i do the treatment?
Secondly and im probably thinking too far in the future here. But do i need to keep reciepts for any of my courses/materials etc that i buy now for any tax reasons?


When doing your case studies you do not necessarily need a purpose built chair or couch. It can be done with an ordinary chair and stool.
Keep all your receipts, course receipts, materials, etc - absolutely everything. You will need them in the future.
Good luck.


If you have the opportunity to borrow a Lafuma recliner, do give it a try. They aren't very expensive and for a reflexologist they give you a portable option which clients love - they are seriously comfy. Maybe because I'm tall, I never really found any of the makeshift options that comfortable for me the therapist. But as Pindy says you may find you can make do without the specialist equipment. Whatever you do, don't splash out on an expensive couch at this stage.
Yes, do get into the habit of keeping those business related receipts. It's very good practice.


A proper couch isn't an essential as far as conduct of case studies is concerned, though I have one that I bought for aromatherapy.
Re receipts, yes retain especially if you are planning to establish a business venture - I believe you can make use of them in this situation, otherwise I would not be certain.


hi , ive currently started a feflexology course and just been given an assignment on support health,safety and secruity in the workplace/support employment standards, are tutor has just given us some handout and a assignment but no help on certain topics please can you help with the following questions?
1/ complete a risk assessment form for some oils being spilt in the salon.
2/give a listof fire equipment in ur salon.
3/make a brief statement outlining the position of the firts aid post.
4/give an example of a chemical used in the clinic, its correct use, storage and the protective equipment required for its use.
5/list possible hazards in the clinic.
6/give examples of products used in your clinic for a)treatment. b)cleaning.
7/how would you ensure the cost effectiveness of a treatment using the following
a. electricty
7/research the law regarding the protection of minors(laws)
please please help i have never worked in a salon and very new to this and are tutor will not help!


Rossmara, look on the training and student forum and post your question there. Theres loads of info on htere. Good luck.

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