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acid and alkaline foods

Could someone please give a list of common foods and tell me whether they are acid or alkaline. I am interested for instance in what milk is.


Acidic Foods - Alkaline Foods
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The chart below categorizes a food as either acidic or alkaline based on the effect consumption of the food has on urine pH. For example, if a food tends to increase the acidity of urine after it is ingested, it is classified as an acid forming food. Conversely, if a food increases the alkalinity of urine after it has been ingested, it was classified it as an alkaline forming food. The effect foods have on urine pH may be quite different than the pH of the foods themselves. For example, orange juice is a highly acidic food due to its high citrus acid content, but after being ingested it will cause urine to become highly alkaline.
Acidic Foods
Very Acidic Foods and Supplements Include
Distilled water
Filtered water
Liver and other organ meats
Broth made from bones or other animal parts
Buttermilk, including buttermilk pancakes and biscuits
Sour cream
Other fermented foods
Most B vitamin supplements
Molybdenum supplements
Hydrochloric acid supplements
Digestive enzymes
Whole grains such as whole wheat or oatmeal
Non Food Substances That Can Make Urine Acidic
Probiotics - These are supplements that contain "helpful bacteria". These type of beneficial bacteria help to create an acidic environment in your digestive tract. Probiotics are often used after taking antibiotics and may help some cases of bladder infections, irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. Excess amounts of helpful bacteria have been linked to heart burn and high blood pressure. (See my related section on IBS Treatment.)
Soft water - Soft water is water that is low in minerals. This type of water tends to be more acidic.
Alkaline Foods
Most fruits, except as noted above
Most vegetables, except as noted above
Very Alkaline Foods Include
Mineral water
Orange juice
Tomato juice
Turnip greens
Dandelion Greens
Non Food Substances That Can Make Urine Alkaline
Antibiotics - antibiotics destroy both the bad and the helpful bacteria in the intestinal tract. Some of the helpful bacteria work to create an acidic environment in the human body. When these bacteria are eliminated by antibiotics, urine tends to become much more alkaline. This is one reason why women will frequently get bladder infections after taking antibiotics.
Most mineral supplements - especially calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.
Antacids - Antacids, which often contain magnesium or calcium supplements, may cause an increase in the alkalinity of the urine.
Hard Water - Hard water is just the opposite of soft water. It is water that has a high mineral content, and as a result tends to be more alkaline.
Bladder Infections and Acidic Foods
In our family we've found that a good way to avoid bladder infections is to keep urine within a normal pH range. The types of bacteria that cause most bladder infections tend to thrive in an alkaline environment. By keeping urine from getting too alkaline, this prevents creating an environment in which pathogenic bacteria multiply.
To test the pH of urine, there is a special paper people can buy called nitrazine paper. Nitrazine paper is very similar to litmus paper, except that it is especially designed to test the pH of urine. Most drug stores do not keep nitrazine paper in stock because it is not a high demand item, but it can usually be special ordered and ready within a day or so. It is fairly expensive, but relatively cheap compared to the time and expense of going to the doctor and getting a prescription for antibiotics for a bladder infection. Plus, for each test only a small piece of paper is needed. So for one person a whole roll of nitrazine paper could last sever


Just wondering should you eat acid or alkaline foods if you have a candida inbalance?


Thanks a lot Andi. You have given a lot of information here. I must say I'm surprised at some of the results. I was always led to believe Oranje juice was acidic. You also comment on bladder infections and say you should aim for acid wee. My problem which I have had before is what I am taking to be cystitus. I have had this many times over the years and I usually down a few cranberry capsules and it sorts itself out. This time however it has dragged on so I thought, wrongly so it appears, cut out acidic foods. If you have any other advice I would be glad to hear it.


Hi Anna,
Don't know if this will help but it tells you what types of food to avoid and the top 3 symptons it will help clear up.
Hope this helps ;)


Hi Orangeblossom
Here is another site that does mention milk
This one is about Cystitis.
All of the info I have posted here has come off the web, other than what I've read to gain the info I don't know much more than what's written :D


Hi Moonbaby,
A very simple way to control an overgrowth of candida (which is present in all our bodies) is not to supply it with the food that it likes.
Sugar and Yeast are the main foodtuffs to cut out, if possible for 12 weeks.
Try soda bread or soda farls as a replacement for bread and dont add sugar to any food or drinks, peel fruit as its covered in mould even after washing and eat plenty of live natural yoghurt (mix yoghurt and fruit together). Dont add any sauces or relishes to foods. No fizzy drinks.
Try to drink plenty of water to keep the kidneys and liver flushing through during these 12 weeks because as the candida dies off it poisons the system and can lead to nasty headaches.
You can also massage your tummy, apply a bit of oil at night and massage gently when you first start and build up the depth of the massage as the 12 week period progresses. You may find a very tender spot in the lower right abdomen, this is a sure sign of candida overgrowth.
Good luck


Thanks so much for the advice.I have given up all yeast and sugar in the last few days so thats a start I suppose!Already dont eat wheat and gluten and only have goats dairy products...I have up all alchohol except vodka occasionally cos its the cleanest spirit...Looks like i'll be giving up on some other things now too!!boo hoo!!
Just found this course of Australian Flower Essences aswell for the candida if anyone else is in need of it
Green Essence(before each of your 3 meals) - 2weeks
Peach Flowered Tea Tree(morning and night) - 2 weeks
(take these together for 2weeks)
Spinifex and Bottlebrush(morning and night)- 2 weeks
Thanks lots for the advice
I am on a mission now!


By the way Honeybee...What do fizzy drinks do?

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