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A healing experience today.. your views/thoughts pls

Hi All...
I done some hands on healing today, and would like your thoughts...
Here is what feed back she gave me..
I put my hands on her shoulders... to work on specific area..
Heat felt noticably hot, felt stronger on left side shoulder...
When it felt right to move.. I then started to work down left arm to where the physical problem lies.. (Broken bone.. uneven break, Radius Skifford Bone)Heat was still noticable why working down arm, until I reached just above the elbow, where the energy chanced from hot to cool (my hands tho were still very hot, I did not feel that the energy was cool)... working down from elbow to hand, still cool energy.....
Now my ? to this.. even tho I did not feel the energy had changed to cool... does it mean that there could be a block of energy around the area of elbow down to hand?
Would it just mean, that at that point, the injury, would just need cool energy? would anyone know why, or what cool energy may signify if anything?
Love Flowerx


Hi Flower, I will generally get very cold energy if I'm working with any inflammation. Perhaps there was some inflammation by the elbow and cool energy was required.
I wouldn't think about it too much, keep on doing the treatments and with practice you will begin to intuitively sense what is occuring. Your intuition is guiding you, and it's very easy to start analyzing it and trying to figure out what is happening. I spent a long time doing this, as soon as I relaxed and didn't feel the need to know, I began getting more information.
Also, it's good to remember that we may all sense something different, I may sense cold energy and you may sense hot energy, the more we give treatments, the more you will intuitively just know what is occuring, for those in Spirit may begin to work with you in a particular way.
Love and light
Rosi X


Hello Flower
I would agree with Rosi on much as we all feel different things...for example cold energy to me would mean a blockage within that area...
luv & peace
stormdeva x


Hi Rosi and Stormdeva..
Thank u both for replies..
I think what amazed me rather than worried me lol.. was that I did not feel the change in the energy, my hands just stayed hot...
The areal, is I think inflammed, as my friend also feels something is not right with the setting of the bone.. the area did look inflammed.. so while healing, I did think when she was telling me of the change in energy, that when we get inflammed areas, we normally put on something cold or an ice pack.. so with what Rosi says she gets cold energy on inflammation does make sense.. but also... I would go along on the blockage theory, as I would imagine, if something has broken, the energy would have some kind of blocked esp if my friend is correct, the arm is not feeling right...
Thank u both again for your thoughts...
Love Flowerx


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