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A crystal healing session

Hi everyone,
I found this article on and thought I'd share it. :D
Crystal Therapy
I have to admit that I was sceptical - until Dutch-born Lettie Vantol, who runs the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy in the UK, got her hands on me. She warned, as she carefully placed crystals around my body, that most people feel no effects until the following day. She was right. I woke the next morning feeling sick and spent the better part of the day wondering if I was going to throw up.
The problem at that time was clearly one of liver congestion, and I was shocked by how powerful and deep-acting I found this hands-on therapy to be.
The treatment itself feels quite extraordinary; if you know what happens when you meditate, this produces very similar results. You lie on the treatment couch, and as your body starts to feel heavier- so do the crystals that have been placed on or under various body parts to stimulate the internal flow of energy, and to unblock those parts where this energy has become stuck.
By the end of the session, which lasted about an hour; during which I thought at one point that I was in danger of spiralling quite happily off into the astral plane (I later discovered Vantol was using calcite which some claim facilitates this); I felt unable to move my arms or my legs.
Crystal therapy is one of the last of the ‘fringe’ treatments to move into more mainstream healing, and what I learned from my experience with one of the UK’s leading practitioners is that, in the right hands, it is a powerful tool. That said, and because of this potency, I would not want any old therapist or someone fresh from a weekend course brandishing even a seemingly harmless rose quartz crystal in my direction.
Crystals in this type of healing are used to help the body initiate its own deep healing processes and while the technique may be perceived as being relatively new, the use of crystals, said to be a source of life and energy, is one of the oldest known practices in healing rituals. The shaman ‘medicine men’, for instance, used crystals in soul healing - as did the aborigines, who went so far as to sew crystals under the skin.
Different crystals are assigned different healing properties. Turquoise, for example, was used by the ancient Egyptians to treat cataracts and eye problems. Calming and peaceful, its high copper content makes it a good conductor of energy. It is also used to revitalise the blood, tone the body, and encourage tissue regeneration for wound healing.
Red garnet is used for strengthening the heart, thyroid, liver, and kidneys and can help ease nausea, especially during a detoxification programme. Calcite is used to reduce stress and ground excess energy - while rose quartz, one of the most popular crystals and known as the Love Stone, has a positive effect on the kidneys and the circulation, as well as enhancing fertility.
Vantol, who comes from a long line of healers, agreed when I told her I would not want to be treated with crystals by someone who was not sure of what they were doing: “Crystals are the strongest tool for healing that I have come across,” she agreed. “You want to avoid being treated by someone who is just dabbling in them.”
Crystals are powerful because they work with your own energy - so if you buy one, make sure you cleanse it by leaving it for three days in pure water. Let it dry naturally, and don’t let anyone else touch it.

Any comments?
(I love my crystals and am a complete amateur by the way)
Sweetheart x


:) This article makes very interesting reading. When people come to me for shamanic work I ask them to bring a gift for my allies, and often they bring a crystal.
This means that I have a large collection of crystals now.
I keep most of them together in water by a window as it seems a shame to keep them covered up in a box, but also I prefer not to have their energy let loose in a haphazard sort of way.
I water my plants with the crystal water.
I can attune crystals with kundalini reiki energy seems there are endless opportunities to play with crystals..itis a vast area for study...
in light
Distant Kundalini Reiki Attunements..all levels


Hi sweetheart
Mmmm, interesting article...
Oh how I can resonate with that...Crystals themselves can do no harm...but in the wrong hands...ouch I still keep clear of anyone in a crystal shop that decideds to pick up a 'wand' and wave it around as if they think they are someones fariy godmother...scarey[&:]
You say that you keep most of your crystals together in water...this does concern me a little...some crystals should never go near water (as I am sure you know) but for the benefit of others thought I would mention that...and crystals in general do not like to be kept in water....have you dowsed and asked them?
luv & peace
stormdeva x


Storm Deva
what would be a betTer way to keep a growing collection of crystals?
I do not want the mix of energy by having them all out and equally do not want to stuff them away in a container.?
in light


Hello tigress
Although I can understand your concerns of not wanting to mix crystal energies or to keep them in a container of any is hard to suggest any way in which to keep crystals so that their energies do not 'scatter' around an area...
There are a number of ways that you may be able to help keep certain energeis together for example grouping certain colour light rays with each other ie; pink with with blue and so on...programming crystals to do a certain 'job' so that the crystals energy will become stronger at that time...
I have almost, all of my crystals together in my therapy room and find that their energies are not scattered at all, infact it is a wonderfully relaxing room....I and other people have found that we pick up only the energies that are required by us at any one time....if the energies are not needed (not very often does that happen) then I/we don't pick them up.
I must admit it is difficult to contain Crystal energy...other than in a box with the lid on[:-] but, as mentioned before not all crystals like; Selenite/Kynite/Pyrite/Malachite/Turquoise/ name just a few, all are self cleaning and do not like water.
Maybe, you could dowse over your crystals and ask them (not as daft as it sounds)[&:] Many crystals like to be in sunlight but not full sun for instance Rose Quartz or Amethyst...
So, if it turns out your crystals like being in water...then so be it...and I would have learnt yet another lesson from beloved crystals...
luv & peace
stormdeva x


:)Your idea[sm=idea.gif] about programming them leapt out at me, and I can 'hear' a cheer coming from the other room....I took them out of their bowl of water..just in over the next few days..or even longer, I can spend time programming them.
I love the idea of putting them in color combos too.[sm=grouphug.gif]
thanx storm deva
in light


Hi Sweetheart,
I feel inclined to comment that this excerpt is in my opinion incorrect, placing a crystal or mineral into water, salted or otherwise will do nothing to any attached negative thoughtforms it might have It is extremely rare for any mineral or crystal to ever actually require cleansing... There's a controversial statement! If anyone requests - I will be happy to explain it.
In the Peace and tranquility of Eire

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