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yin & yang imbalance

Hi all,
I have a question about yin and yang. My brother went to a psychic and he told my brother he could see that I had too much yang (and too little yin). I read up on what symptons you might have when there is too much yang and it sure was scary to see that I had practically all the symptons and none when you would have too much yin. I know there are herbs you can take to balance yin and yang, but I don't know which ones and where to turn to? Hope anybody can help.


Hi Qosmos,
yes it would be quite unusual to find someone who really had excess yin. The main thing to differentiate in your pattern is whether you are truly excess yang or in fact yin deficient (giving a relative excess of yang). The treatment for these two patterns would be quite different. If you give me more details of your symptoms I could let you know which you are.
Herbs are one way to balance yin and yang, but also acupuncture and shiatsu should be considered. To find registered practitioners you should look to these bodies:
Herbs: The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Acupuncture: The British Acupuncture Council
Shiatsu: The Shiatsu Society
best wishes, Tony


great post Tony, and welcome to HP, not seen you before.
Reading the initial post it seems you are now somewhat concerned over what the psychic has said. Please dont worry yourself over this. imbalances in the body can be for a variety of reasons. I would not panic over this as i feel you are very concerned. Shiatsu would help, they work on the pressure points within the body, also accupressure would help. i would steer towards these natural methods than taking herbs although if you visit a chinese accupressure/accupuncture clinic they almost always offer you something to cool the body, reduce heat, rectify imbalances etc whatever is relevant for you. Please dont worry too much. when you worry you will make yourself ill and there is on need. What exactly are your symptoms! I am amazed that someone could see this when giving someone else a reading but thats just me!
Although I am very spiritual in nature i would prefer to be told face to face than through a third person. there are many enlightened individuals on this forum who can advise, but it would be better if you outlined some symptoms for us to go on.
with love and please do not worry yourself. Everyone has imbalances in one area or another, finding the balance is not that difficult.


Hi Qosmos, Boji stones are excellent for balancing ying and yang, masculine and feminine energies within our energy system.
The Boji stones are the stones of balance. I purchased some a few weeks ago, to help balance my energies, and they are incredibly powerful, and I have to admit I have been feeling very calm and balanced since I started carrying them around in my pocket.
You get two stones, the male stone is a little rougher than the female stone. You place the male stone in your left hand, or left pocket, the female stone, in your right hand, or right pocket.
I hope this helps and you'll give them a try. If you do, ensure that you obtain a certificate as not all Boji stones being sold as Boji, are actually that. When I purchased mine, I was given a certificate of authenticity, so they are the real thing.
Love and light
Rosi X


Thanks for your replies,
Some of the symptoms I read about with too much yang and which I have are: feeling hot, restlessness, dry skin, constipation and fast pulse. The sensation of feeling hot is more internal I think. I'm constantly feeling hot and have strangly always thought this was normal so I've never really reflected over this until the past year or so. The same goes with the fast pulse and a year ago I consulted a doctor about it.
Tamlamb, thanks for your concern but I'm not too worried. Actually when my brother told me what the psychic had said and I read about the symptoms of too much yang (or too little yin) I felt kind of relieved as there could be such an easy explenation for my symptoms. But in the same time I am aware that the symptoms can be caused by a million other things.


All of your symptoms can suggest heat in the body, the question is whether it is Full -Heat, caused by excess Yang or Empty-Heat caused by deficiency of Yin.
With Full-Heat you would expect full symptoms such as Heat all the time, a red tongue with yellow coating, dark scanty urine, strong thirst and strong/overflowing, rapid pulse.
Full heat comes about when there is excess yang in the body due to causes such as consumption of hot-energy foods or long standing emotional problems where the qi stagnation turns to Heat. Full heat is also seen when a pathogenic factor (viruses etc) get stuck in the body (often due to the administration of drugs such as steroids and antibiotics.
Whereas empty heat is born out of deficency and symptoms are milder such as as flushed cheeks, sweats at night, a dry mouth, a red tongue with no coating, vague anxiety and restlessness and a weak/thin rapid pulse.
Depletion of the bodies Yin energies over a period of time allow the Yang energy to be in relative excess and so Heat symptoms are observed, full heat in the body if not cleared will also deplete the Yin and is a common cause for this pattern as is the long term use of drugs such as steroids.
It is also a natural process for the Yin to deplete as a person ages and many of the symptoms associated with menopause are due to yin deficiency.

It is important to determine the pattern as in the first instance the treatment method would be to clear Heat whereas in the later you would tonify Yin or in the case of a mixed pattern it would be necessary to clear Heat and Tonify Yin also, once the pathogenic Heat had been cleared.
Additionally a practitioner would often reccomend life style and dietary changes in order to help the treatment along.


I've got the above symptoms except for a yellow coating on the tounge and scanty urin, I drink alot of fluids due to my strong thirst. Also got a very strong and rapid pulse.
Long standing emotional problems can be applied to me and when I was a kid I was administered antibiotics during long periods to fight off mainly ear infections.
I'll try to find a registered practitioner where I live. Thanks very much for your help.

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