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34 weeks pregnant....

Hi all,
I am seeing a new client on Monday who is 34 weeks pregnant. She wants reflexology because she has got back pain and generally wants to relax and take time out.
Amazingly, I have only ever treated my friend who was pregnant and that was when I was studying so I was always a bit cautious.
I presume working round the repro areas is ok - just taking care! Any other tips?
I know people have been talking on here that they have determined the sex of a baby - how is that done? Obviously, I won't tell my client!
Sara x


Hi again Sara
I actually avoid the repro areas and the ptiuitary all through pregnancy until term. All the other areas should be treated as you would normally.
I actually had a prospective client last weeks who is 35 weeks pregnant and wanted reflexology to bring on her labour early! Evidently her first child had been early and I suppose she decided that she'd now had enough of being pregnant! I told her that I would be happy to treat her, but would only give her a treatment suitable for someone who is pregnant and that her body would give birth when it was ready. In the event she never came....
Have a good weekend.


Hi Lesley
Yes, thinking about it, I won't work the repro areas or the pituitary. I was just a bit confused about what to do. I definitely don't want to bring on premature labour!
S x


YEP avoid ovaries, fallopian and uterus and Pituitary.....all else ok but be warned things get a tad squished in a woman whose pregnant so some of the points may have moved slightly!!!!!!


but if you avoid those areas you are not giving the endocrine system the balance it needs, particularly at this time.
i give a full but gentle treatment always finishing with an endo balance and lymph drainage massage.
if the back is the problem give lots of relaxing spinal twists and rubs as well as the thumb walk to determine any local problems.
inducement should never be considered before full term and yes, babies come when they are ready, natural inducement or medical.


Hi Sara
Lucky you. Its really interesting treating pregnant women, seeing them bloom and helping them relax.
I treated a lady from 32 weeks to term. She had occasional neck shoulder and back pain which I treated to good effect. She really enjoyed the treatments. I treated the pituitary briefly (acknowledge and move on as Edith would say) I did avoid thumb walking the ovary and uterus area and just massaged gently, all seemed to be ok.
She had a very good pregnancy and felt really well right to the end and really enjoyed her treatments, as did I. She always fell asleep by the end of the right foot.
People have said they could see babies outlined in the uterus area but despite looking hard I never could, but there was a regular definite swelling in the bladder area, which I also massaged gently. perhaps the weight of the uterus pressing onto the bladder.
When she got to 40 weeks, I asked her if she wanted me to treat the pituitary and repro's harder, explaining the link, which she did, that was our last appointment, as the baby was due. I showed her the reflexes on her hands to help and for her husband too.
She went over term though, and was eventually induced as the midwife thought the baby was small for dates, which it wasn't. A healthy baby girl weighing 7lb resulted after a long traumatic labour. I wish I could have treated her again as I think it would have helped in labour.
The baby is apparently an angel and sleeps very well.
Lesley, I,m sure you did the right thing, anyway 35 weeks is quite early. I wonder if any one would treat her. Perhaps a midwife reflexologist might, if she was going to be induced early anyway, due to the baby being large or something like that. At least they have all the back up knowledge and equipment.
Does anyone know any routines for helping start labour after 40 weeks, although even then 40 weeks is only an average and the baby might not be ready.
I think linking could be used, also there is and acupressure point on the little toe isn't there.
Keep us posted please Sara?

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