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28 Day Detox

I have just spent the last 28 days cleansing my body on the Carol Vorderman detox. No meat, dairy, wheat, eggs, tea, coffee etc etc. I dont know if anyone has ever done this but it seemed like the best detox around as though you were limiting yourself alot you could eat brown rice, potato's and wheat free products. Well after keeping to it and only cheating once as I had two glasses of wine I lost 4 pounds...very dissapointed and felt a bit cheated. And now I have gained the four pounds back in two weeks even though I do eat normally a very good diet. It did however clear my eczema up on my scalp which is very bad normally, however it is back now and is on my face as well.
Just wanted a moan really as all these diets say you will see amazing results...and on this one I found that to be not true.
Victoria x


thanks for posting. i have always wondered about these detoxes. i just read an interview with her saying she lost 2 dress sizes. sorry about your disappointment. congratulations on the will power though! even if you did not lose alot of weight, i am sure you did your body a great favor.


Victoria, I got this book the other day and was going to give it a try.
On the positive side, your eczema did clear up, but is now back again, which means that something in your diet is causing it. Perhaps you should have introduced food groups, that way you could have seen what was causing the problem.
How hungry did you feel on it? i am such a pig that i would be worried i would be continually hungry!


Hi Victoria,
Do you feel you had much excess body weight to lose? Did you feel better, have more energy and so on when you did your detox? It sounds really positive that your eczema cleared up while you were on it, and as Vicki says you may be able to pinpoint the foods that trigger it through a process of elimination. I have heard that kinesiology is a good method of finding foods that don't suit your body.


Well if I am doing a detox then i certainly dont expect any weight loss just a good support for my liver.....a detox where you loose weight is just a diet surely????? Fish oils (NOT COD LIVER OIL) can sometimes help moisturise you from the inside out and in some cases can improve eczema/psorasis.


I can actually say that no I did not feel hungry but I was very bloated and had very bad wind....which if you have a partner is very embarrasing and at times did feel very uncomfortable. Clearing up my ezcema was great and I have booked a food allergy test as I do think it is either dairy or wheat which I am hoping is not either as i do love them both. I have not got huge amounts of weight to lose and as I go to the gym four times a week I am in alright shape, but if you do eliminate dairy, wheat, meat eggs etc you do find that the food you eat throughout the day is alot less calories/fat than what you would normally consume so I was expecting to lose a little more weight as it was 28 days. I do still believe detox's are good but I think more in the short term, and it is a good chance to give your body a rest which if we all think about it at times our bodies really need, but this detox does say that you will lose weight and dress sizes and that was why I was a little disappointed, or maybe a little conned. I have done a number of short detox's before as I do alot of yoga and have followed these from yoga books which have normally been two to five days and have been great. Anyway maybe it would work for others but to me 28 days is a long time and it was alot of effort to do all the receipes so I wouldn't get bored to put the weight on straight back and to get ezcema on my face.......feel like I am going on again.
Anyway thanks all for replying as I was just having a moan and take care x


ow and just another thing...hope I have not sent you all to sleep yet but the books are very good for receipes. I love food and have alot of dinner parties but when I cook I like to cook healthy and the receipes in here are lovely as with the weight watchers cook books and very easy to do...which when having people over is the most important thing. Plus when you get up in the morning you know that though it tasted great it was still healthy...however normally I am nursing a hangover so it never really works like that...ow well life is so short to worry about everything.
Take care x


Hi there
I must say I am not convinced about these detox regimes. Did you know that the body naturally detoxes iteself between 6.00 pm and 12.00 noon? Apparently it is best to try and eat your evening meal before 6.00 and only eat fruit and drink water before noon.
Mother Nature generally takes care of everything :D
yasmin x

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