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dark brown spot on left heel area

Hi, i am currently treating a lady with reflexology and i have noticed that she has a dark brown spot on her heel area, left foot. Also on the outer edge of her foot, running from little toe, again, left foot, she says its itchy and i can see flaking skin all down the outside of her foot. The clients kidneys have some dark redspots on her left foot, she also tells me that these occasionally itch.
The clients right foot has no markings at all on it, so i am baffled and cant relate these markings to her condition, she has come for treatments for stress and is looking for relaxation.
Can anyone shed any light as to what a dark brown spot, like a mole could indicate?
outer foot flaking and itching, as well as left kidney reflex, which have red marks.
I would be grateful for any help and advice on this.


You could almost be describing my own left foot!
Isuffer from a formof eczema thatusually startswitha pinky/light brown 'spot' that itches on the sole of my foot. The area surrounding itstarts itching and appears red and flaky (in the areas you described on your client) and it also affects the outer edge of my foot. It's always in the same areas and never on my right foot. I tend to get this periodically when I am either stressed or if i've been leading a more toxic lifestyle - drinking too much alcohol and/oreating a lot naughty foods. Ask your client if she also suffers from slightly itchy/flaking palms and sides of her fingers at times as this type of eczema can also affect the hands (I do get it on my hands but not as often as my left foot). I have read that this type of eczema is typical of people that internalise stress and it isn't helped by toxic substances such as smoking, drinkingetc and can be common in people that sweat a lot (although that doesn't apply to me).
Squirrel x


Hi squirrel,
Thanks for ur reply, yes what you have said does make sense and i can see how it might relate to some form of allergy perhaps?
my client does seem to feel stressed alot of the time and she also suffers with 'geographical tongue' an inflammation of areas of her tongue, that look a bit like a map! She mentioned that this usually flares up in times of stress or when she has the occasinal cigarette and alcohol binges.
If this is caused by stress, and it could be bringing on the symptoms of an allergy, i wondered which areas on the feet should i be giving more attention to?
any help and advice much appreciated.
Jane X


One of my case studies had a light brown spot on her heel/pelvic area and i took it to mean because i knew her history - she had a coil fitted and it was well past the time it should of been changed, so i took this to mean a severe energy disturbance due to the effects of the outworn contraceptive coil - this is just my view of course .
I also notice that many of my infertilty clients have similiar brown spots or indeed moles, around the lower part of the foot!
Jess xx


Hi jess 33,
That does sound interesting with regards to the coil your client had fitted.
Maybe it is related to the pelvic region, i know my client does also suffer with really heavy periods, i wondered whether the brown spot could be related to this in some way. An inbalance within the endorcrine system.
Thanks for your insight on this.
Jane X


When I first suffered from this type of eczema I was under a lot of stress, Ismoked (at the time)and was drinking more than what was good for me, the eczema was pretty chronic and i'd been suffering for afew months. I was in a lot of discomfort so I went to see a reflexologist/chinese medicine practitioner (this was before I trained as a reflexologist). She expained that stress upsets the digestion, the liver is under pressure and not functioning efficiently, toxins build up which in turn affects the skin. Some types of eczema may be related to allergy but i'm convinced this type isn't as i've noticed a definate pattern with myself since my first outbreak about 5 years ago. At the time I improved my diet, stopped smoking and cut back on the alcohol, she also gave me herbs to help with stress, plus I had some reflexologyand reiki and within 4 weeks my eczema was gone. It does come back occasionally in times of stress/over indulgence but never with such ferocity.
One of my relatives also suffers from the same type of eczema and funnily enough she also gets it in the same areas on the same foot as me and she, like me, only suffers during times of stress and/or over indulgence. When treating her I concentrate on area's of elimination such asthe liver, kidneys, digestive tract etc . Reflexologyusually has quite a powerful effect on her in the way of elmination.
Not sure if this is your clients problem, maybe the brown spot is not even related to the red itchy areas and she may well suffer from eczema but the brown spot may be a sign of something else.


Hi squirrel,
my client is having her next treatment nxt week, i will ask more indepth about her diet.
She has recently been suffering with sore throat, sore tongue and has had this for a few weeks now, she has been feeling run down with this and i have noticed her outer foot to be flaking skin, and red itchy dpots on the center of her foot, this does sound very similar to what you describe squirrel and i do know the client suffers with stress quite frequently.
She doesn't appear to have excema any where else on her body, only the outer left foot, which i thought was strange, is it posible to just have excema just on 1 foot?
jane X

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