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2 Week wait and also reflexology???

I have a client who has had 3 reflexology sessions and 1 indian head massage. She is booked in for another 2 sessions of reflexology and paid upfront.
She is also having IUI using Menopur also and now had treatmentis on the 2 week wait - so I was wondering whether to offer her a reflexology session to help or just wait until she has some hopefully 'positive' news. Has anyone experienced this before with any of their clients who have been in this unfortunate predicament of infertility and waiting for some wonderful news. Would it hinder or help do you think at such an early stage of a possible feotus implanting.
Advice and experience would be so gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks
Trace x


It would depend on what her clinic said, if they thought a treatment would be ok. I wouldn't personally treat anyone during that time, although I am sure it may help, simply because I would want to let nature take its course, and not be held in any way responsible, should it sadly not work.


Hi Justine
Yeah I think you are right! This is what my gut instinct tells me too. I do think I should leave well alone - and wait for some wonderful news - hopefully.
Trace x


I work with a lot of fertility clients, and personally I will treat during the two week wait of a natural conception, but I keep well away from IUI/IVF while they are receiving any drug treatment and while they're waiting for their pregnancy results. Once they know they are pregnant (even if they are then taking Cyclogest) I am happy to treatas I would any pregnant client. In the meanwhile if they do want to continue treatments, I will offer a shorter foot massage.
As always, work within your own experience and training.
Sarah x

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